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PostSubject: HELIX Gear Menu   HELIX Gear Menu EmptyTue Nov 18, 2014 6:42 pm

<:: Accessing data-banks.."HELIX Gear and Systems"
<:: Access granted to rank '05' and greater..

> Gear list and tool definition. Every single HELIX unit must have a set of required tools in order to be able to do his/her job.

This should be the contents of HELIX standard-issue Tool Belt with choice experimental items:

Small Oil Can: For oiling stiff mechanical objects and possibly unit augmentations.
Diamond-tipped Carbon Saw: For cutting metals. Takes approxmately 5 mins to cut through 1 inch of the standard-use metals.
Oxy-Fuel Welding Torch: For welding metal objects to other metal objects.
Soldering Tool: For delicate electronic building/repairs, mainly wiring and such.
Set of Allan Keys: Used for opening and unjamming a projectile weapon. May work on Stun Batons
Set of Screwdrivers: Used for, obviously, screwing.
Bag of Cloths: For cleaning your dirty hands.
Electric Sanding Device: For un-rusting metals, as well as smoothing objects.

(Optional) Experimental Items:
MHCaVBs Mk.II (Metropolice Heating, Cooling, and Venting Bodysuit Mark II (Rank 05+): Prototype bodysuit that goes underneath the unit's Engineering Suit, that serves as a heating device under the extremities of even Russian Winter. Also serves as a cooling/ventilation device for extremities of hot summer days. Ventilation device currently non-functional.
Arc Welding Device (Rank 03+): Prototype welding device that uses high-current electric impulses to superheat metals to the melting point at the specific region of the torch prong. This has a special gas implemented that runs through the hollow prong to prevent fires while also cooling the metal quickly. Arc Welding has proved to be the best and most efficient type of welding. Electric welding torch can be disconnected to allow for backup oxygen-fueled torch, for when the battery runs out. The oxygen tank is small, only providing about half an hour of fuel for the torch.

> Additional Engineering Supplies

Scrap metal, terminals, and anything the nexus can supply with.
Light Standard-Issue Combine Kevlar (Rank 05+): Used for basic mobility and protection against 9mm pistol shells, fire, and electricity.
Medium Standard-Issue Combine Kevlar (Rank 02+): Used for intermediated mobility and protection against 5.56mm shells and most pistol rounds, fire, electricity, and small explosions.
Heavy Standard-Issue Combine Kevlar (Rank EpU+): Used for advanced mobility and protection against 7.62mm shells, fire, electricity, and medium-sized explosions.
Engineering Suit: Includes metal boots, rubber gloves, and a fireproof jumpsuit, for better protection in the field of work.
Modified V3 Engineering Metropolice Mask (MEMV3): Includes FLIR vision W/Hot and B/Hot, for deactivating or fixing; NightVision, for repairing in the dark, and a mounted radio, for mobility usages. New editions have been reinforced with steel for extra protection, now protecting from .45 ACP shells rather than 9mm shells. And small rifle rounds, such as 5.7 FN.
Mobile PDA V4 (MPDA): A PDA strapped around the forearm for better mobility and comfortable usage. Now comes with built-in blueprint modelling software and datapad capabilities.

(OOC: This will be added onto later.)
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HELIX Gear Menu Empty
PostSubject: Re: HELIX Gear Menu   HELIX Gear Menu EmptyThu Dec 25, 2014 3:35 pm

Changes have been made, will be accepting new ideas and criticism.

Are we rushing in, or are we going Sneeki Breeki?
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HELIX Gear Menu
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