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 Helix Basic Information

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HELIX units maintain the city's every mechanical function. From repairing APCs and weapons to ensuring all the camera's and terminals work correctly, it's all on our plate. Simply, we're the grease monkeys and combat engineers, so be prepared to get dirty.

Despite the division sounding boring, HELIX units need a certain set of requirements to do the job correctly. First off, you will obviously need to be highly trained in technological matters, of all sorts. If you can't repair a basic terminal malfunction then get the fuck out. Secondly, you need to be able to maintain a calm state of mind in high stress situations. HELIX units are expected to be able to perform their job swiftly and efficiently, even while in combat, or when time is of the essence. Thirdly, you must have knowledge of how to handle patrol duty situations. You are required to have at least obtained the rank of GRID.04 before being eligible to join HELIX. This ensures that when there's downtime, HELIX units aren't useless and can handle basic duties. Lastly, you must have high respect to superior ranks, and be a protocol loyalist. HELIX doesn't accept traitors, and nor do we condone insubordination.

HELIX isn't just another division, when you get accepted into HELIX, you're now a part of a family. The unit's alongside you are your brothers and sisters, and I am your father. Units from other divisions are your family as well, and other superiors get as much respect as you give me. There's a very basic code you follow in my family. No treason. No insubordination. Never go behind or around a superior for your own advantage. Never keep secrets. Any act of these are considered betrayal of the entire family, and are punishable by death.
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Helix Basic Information
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