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 Ethlaez's Stalker Application

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Ethlaez's Stalker Application Empty
PostSubject: Ethlaez's Stalker Application   Ethlaez's Stalker Application EmptyTue Nov 25, 2014 5:12 pm

Steam name: [UU]Ethlaez

SteamID: 76561198081423351

How long have you been part of the community?
Two days.

How long have you been playing HL2RP?
About half a month.

Have you ever been banned before?
Yes, when I was new to HL2RP, thought I've learned from my mistakes and doubt I will get banned again.

What motivates you to want to become a Stalker?
I have only role-played as one once, briefly, just before the server got shutdown. It was fun while it lasted, and I would like that experience again.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?
I have not.

Do you have any past experience with the Stalker whitelist?

Give a detailed description of a Stalker:
A short, pale skinned, extremely malnourished figure. It has it's limbs replaced with long metal and a large metallic faceplate over it's eyes. It lets out a soft groan from time to time, and walks quite slowly.

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use the Stalker:
The Stalker slowly makes it's way to the terminal. Three overwatch units wait at one side of a forcefield. The Stalker reaches the terminal and powers it on with the push of a button. It begins typing quickly, using it metallic augments. After a few moments of typing, the terminal buzzes rapidly and a green light flashes. The forcefield deactivates and the Overwatch units pass by. The Stalker once again begins rapidly typing into the terminal. After a while, it once again buzzes at a quite fast rate and flashes green. The forcefield reactivates, and the Stalker turns around, making it's way to a door. The door slides upwards, opening as the Stalker passes through it. It falls down, closing and the Stalker walks towards a small pod. The pod opens upon the Stalkers arrival, and the stalker claims in. It shuts, and begins moving away, into a small area with a group of pods placed together.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as a Stalker:
It isn't really easy to a bust this whitelist, as it doesn't have any weapons or any special abilities. However, it is still important to show a good example to new players, and set a good standard for the server.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
I have role-played as one before, and feel confident in my abilities.
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Ethlaez's Stalker Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ethlaez's Stalker Application   Ethlaez's Stalker Application EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 4:04 pm

This was a surprise but go for it. Message me when you get on the server for your whitelist.
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Ethlaez's Stalker Application
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