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 TravisGG's MPF Application

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PostSubject: TravisGG's MPF Application   TravisGG's MPF Application EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 4:06 pm

OOC Section

Steam name: Travis

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32294330

How long have you been part of the community?
I’ve only been apart of the Social Experience community for a good two days, and that’s being generous. Though, I have had relations with Acidic_TACO and a number of the players here for quite some time, before Social Experience started.

How long have you been playing HL2RP?
I’ve been apart of the Half-Life 2 Roleplay community for three-four years now.

Have you ever been banned before?
I’ve never been banned from any sort of server, community or VAC banned.

What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit?
Looking at the Half-Life 2 universe, and investing countless hours into the all the games and surfing across a seemingly endless amount of fan stories, videos, wikipedias and any other Half-Life 2 – related pieces, I’ve always come to find the most interest and fun with the Combine. From their orderly and concise ranks and divisions, to the mere style of appearance, I’ve come to favor them over most other factions in the universe. The way they influence the dystopian society and have an apparent relation to the Third Reich of World War II, also satisfied my interest in World War II – related things. In regards to actual in-game experience, I have focused most of my roleplay in that of the High Command. I have trained an array of units (excellent roleplayers, and the lesser) and I have found an exuberant amount of enjoyment in playing as a top ranking unit. From simple training in simulations, tactical incursions and simply addressing my units has always been something to look forward to as a member of the Union. But, as I have been informed, the community is in need of more basic units in substitution for High Command units. I have not played as one in quite a while, but that isn’t to say I don’t have the ability to play as one and with new experiences may come along great roleplay scenarios.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?
I was an avid member of the S12 community, working my way from a simple stranger, ass-kisser up to being close to the Owners, granting me enough prestige as to be considered an Owner as well.

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist?
Most, if not all of my experience in the Half-Life 2 Roleplay resides in playing as a member of the Union. I have served as a DvL up to the highest ranking unit available according to a server’s canon.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit:
Now, in each server, the Union’s units can be as standard as any others following the MPF model, or go beyond and have not only different names but a different set of characteristics as well. To keep in accordance with most servers, I’ll describe the standard MPF unit as such:

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626:”10-8, unit is standing by, awaiting orders.”

C45.MPF.VAMP.EpU.02934:”Roger that, 626. Report to the Housing units and clamp. Code 10-107M and possible Code 30, weapons authorized if violators cannot be relinquished through other methods.

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626:”Understood, re-routing to clamp.”

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626 lowers his radio back into his breast pocket then with a controlled and deep breath, he makes his way through the blast doors and onto the plaza. He quickly glances over to the Housing apartment, taking note of another unit stacking up at the door while several onlookers stand idly below the stairs. He lowers his hand to his belt, wavering over his 9MM, preparing himself for the occasion as he hurryingly makes his way to the crowd of citizens. “Citizens, disperse from this area for your own safety!” As the interested and shocked faces of the crowd soon wither away into worry, they begin leaving the area. Satisfied with the isolation with his fellow unit, he climbs up the stairs, unclamps his 9MM and raises it up. “What’s the situation?”

C45.MPF.HELIX.i3.04985 adjusts his gaze from the door to 626 then lowers his 9MM from the door, “Code 30. I don’t know if anyone is armed but I know someone’s down, that’s why I was dispatched first. Citizens are telling me he’s on the second floor.” He then raises his 9MM up once more and looks to 626, “Plan?”

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626 stacks up on the opposite side of the door and lowers his 9MM and sets the safety [OFF], pointing it towards the ground. “Take the stairwell to the right and I’ll take the right. Sweep the first floor then on my mark we go up to the second floor and pacify. If you encounter the suspect attempt to pacify, if anything goes wrong, administer injury or amputate. Otherwise, keep ‘em calm and steady so we can bring him in alive.”

C45.MPF.HELIX.i3.04985 nods silently to 626 before placing both hands onto his 9MM and shuffling his feet into place.

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626 sways back and forth, counting down quietly then as he raises his foot he barks, “Inject!” and with all the force he could muster he kicked the door inwards, sending the double doors flying inwards. Immediately, he pointed his 9MM forwards and scanned the counter in front of him, he then swung his aim to the left, scanning the stairwell and nearby doors. He then looked behind him and saw 04985 moving behind the counter to check the locker room, and with a shout, “Cleaned!” he came out and made his way down towards the opposite stairs. 626 then called out to 985 and signaled for him to check the first-floor rooms.

C45.MPF.HELIX.i3.04985 nods to 626 then spins around and faces a door. He plants himself in front of the door then with one leg, raises it up and strikes the door, sending it inwards. Swiftly, he points his 9MM forwards then slips into the room.
Jack Torrance flinches at the sound of the door being kicked in, he then raises the pipe up in the air as he waited at the corner of the wall. The moment he saw the gasmask appear to his right he swung the pipe into the unit’s face, sending pieces of plastic and glass across the wall, paired with small droplets of blood.

C45.MPF.HELIX.i3.04985 stumbles against the wall and crumples to the ground, his fingers slipping off his 9MM. Once on the ground, he realizes that pieces of his mask impaled his face and cut across one of his eyes, he begins cupping his hands over his face, screaming out in pain.

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626 hears the scream and turns towards the opposite end of the hallway, he aims his 9MM forward and rushes towards the kicked-in door. He then charges inwards and sees 985 slumped on the ground, holding his bloodied face. Standing over him, a man with unkempt hair and torn clothing holds a bloodied pipe. 626 raises his 9MM at him and plants his feet across from the man, “Drop the weapon and get on the ground! Do it now!”
Jack Torrance breathes heavily, his hands now shaking and the pipe slowly slipping out of his hands. He looks towards the other unit with the pistol and frantically stammers incoherent gibberish. He then raises the pipe up and begins snarling at the unit, ready to charge. He then lifts a foot and begins charging the unit.

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626 grits his teeth then points towards the man’s chest, between his neck and shoulder. He then slams the trigger twice. Two explosions of light burst from the end of a gun, followed by the spray of blood from the man’s wound. 626 steps back as the man fell to his knees and onto 985, he then kicked away the pipe and grabbed the man by the shoulder, digging his fingers into the wound. He then tosses him towards the door, aiming his 9MM at his head. He then bends over down to 985, who is still wounded. He then picks up his radio, “Requesting backup at my 10-20 prepare to stabilize and inoculate. I have a wounded unit, in need of immediate attention.” He lets it rest in his breast pocket then begins examining 985’s wounds. Two pieces of his mask warped inwards and impaled his face while a cut dug across his right eye. 626 curses aloud then looks to the citizen now on the floor groaning in pain and shaking in his blood.
Jack Torrance writhes in pain, clutching his chest then sliding his hands across his own pool of blood screaming out for help. He then begins coughing up blood, gurgling in his own deposits of the crimson liquid.

C45.MPF.VAMP.i2.00626 stands himself up and kicks the man in stomach, sending him across the pool of blood and closer to the door frame. He then points his 9MM at the man, now crying as blood pooled out of his mouth and wounds. He took another look at 985, swaying back and forth as he hid his face from view. 626 then let his finger slip onto the trigger and ever so slowly, he pressed it inwards, sending a burst of light that briefly illuminated his entire mask and a sent a flash across the wall. Immediately, the man on the floor was without a single sound as the smoke from his barrel slowly dissipated.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit:
OOCly, the behavior of the MPF directly corresponds to the behavior and maturity of the server, it is then that with a well behaved and mature MPF unit, do you present the seriousness and integrity of the server. ICly, the MPF are deployed to keep order and stability amongst the population and to do so with respect and behavior that can by modeled by a respectful citizen.
Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
I do not doubt the capability of other applicants, but I feel confident in saying that my application, if accepted will guarantee the server and its community with another avid and contributing member.
IC Section
Name: Derrick Straus
CiD: 58965
Brief physical description: Male|6’1||CIDTag#58965|SlimBuild|PaleTonedSkin|Short-BrownHair|ScruffyBeard|’X’TattooOnNeck|StandardC45DenimJumpSuit|

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs):
No one quite asked for it, but some praised it as a heavenly act of God, one to cleanse the sin of our land and to bring in a new wave of peace and prosperity. Others, like myself, saw it as one of the darkest days in human history. They brought on waves and waves of seemingly endless juggernauts, ruthlessly slaughtering the defenders of our countries, leaving the defenseless to huddle together in refuge. My father-who was the only one watching over me at the time since my mother and brother were killed in an accident years prior-and I took to the forests for refuge. We thought that our years of experience in camping and backpacking across multiple continents would give us some sort of safe haven amongst the land, but it would prove futile. After purging the towns and cities, they send these creatures after us. Across the sky, would these arrow-shaped capsules pierce through the clouds and slam into the ground, and amongst the dirt and smoke that clouded the capsule, these small creatures would scurry outwards and latch onto their prey, feeding on people’s heads, turning them into ruthless monsters. My father would fall prey to such hideous deviances. Leaving me no choice, I fled towards civilization, where I would be eventually scooped into the hands of the Combine.

I was shuffled onto these trains with hundreds of other people, which would eventually take us to once familiar cities, now retrofitted with sprawling structures of some unknown materials. In the center, a towering spire would watch over the city. We weren’t even given enough time to grieve or understand what happened before they herded us into these buildings, where we would be packed liked sardines in a can. Over time, more and more people would be taken out from the building, never to be seen again until I was eventually pulled out. The city, once littered with rubble and the scar of destruction looked like a hopeful haven of safety. Buildings were more or less repaired, strange monuments were erected over parks and huge structures with strange markings took place of old buildings. Patrolling the streets people donning gas masks would march around holding these batons in their hands, barking at people to separate from groups or ordering others to pick up trash from the ground. It seemed, that after an eternity of destruction and disparity, we were finally seeing peace.

They regarded themselves as the Universal Union, brought together to bring peace and maintain order among the population. Initially, I despised the thought of them, running in and assuming authority over use. They, killed my father and destroyed everything that anyone had to live for, but I slowly realized their philosophy. They kept order and peace, they fed us and they vowed their protection. And they did it no less with the style of warriors and peacekeepers. I slowly began to despise those who spoke out to them, they had granted us so much, sparing us to bring on a newer and better civilization. How could you even dare to question those who have been so grateful and willing to nurture us? The Universal Union slowly became my dependence, something I needed, we all needed to survive. And what better way to survive then to be them?

Why do you want to join the MPF:
The Universal Union has seen our civilization in grave danger of collapse, and by stepping into to purge it of its detriments and impurities has the Union begun to deploy a newly evolving civilization that will reign and prosper for centuries to come. I feel honored to be of the same men and women who were spared to rebuild this new empire and I feel it is my obligation and responsibility to enlist as a member of the Universal Union to usher in a new era of prosperity and progression.
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PostSubject: Re: TravisGG's MPF Application   TravisGG's MPF Application EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 6:26 pm

10/10 app Wish more were like it. Remind me to give you your whitelist in server.
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TravisGG's MPF Application
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