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 Gwen Reijui Journal

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PostSubject: Gwen Reijui Journal   Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:46 pm

Gwen Reijui___________________________________________________________________________________

Family Name :: Reijui.

Mother's Maiden Name :Bellamy.

Birth Name :: Gwen.

Height :: Around 5'9'

Age :: Around 25-27.

Eye Colour :: Bright Green.

Hair Colour :: A dark black colour.

Hair Style :: Commonly in ponytail, sometimes in pigtails

Demeanor :: Generally happy, outgoing and cheerful . Tends to talk to others.

Known Faction Affiliation :: N/A.


Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.- Buddha


I wonder how people think of my happiness? They seem to just go with it but there has to be a reason. Well it doesn't really matter because I should be writing about myself. That's what the doctors tell me to do. They are so nice and ki- wait I need to write about myself. So lets start from the basics. My name is Gwen Reijui, I'm 25, Born in Paris and raised there. My parents were very different. My dad was Asian while my mother was french. Well don't really want to get into my past because I already know it!. Lets talk about those combine guys. Don't really know what to say to them. Guess it's kinda like a space movie! Guess the only sad thing is I'm not with my parents anymore.

As much as I hate to say it, I kinda like the combine here. I don't have to deal with all those men asking me out because I really don't know how I feel of men in "that way.". Some seem to be so fake and some can be genuine but it's to hard to tell. I really only dated men so I wouldn't disappoint my parents. But since they are gone I guess I can date anyone I want. This brings me to another thing, I really like hugging people because it gives anyone comfort. I couldn't do that before they came because people thought it was to weird.

Another cool thing are the Vortigaunts. They really smart and seems to meditate like me. Except they speak that alien language which I can't understand. They have that huge eye which reminds me of a cyclopes which is really cool. They can also shoot green electricity from there hands. Not blue electricity... GREEN electricity. That makes it 100X more cool. Whoops, getting off topic again. Wonder what the topic is anyways, well I'll just continue writing later.


"If we could all be more happy, the world wouldn't be that bad."



Traits / Abilities


Gwen is a very cheerful woman who can be happy even in the worst of some situations. She loves how no one judges her for this

Gwen can make friends rather quickly. She cares deeply and emotionally for each of them and would always help them emotionally when needed/


Gwen has high morals when it comes to harming. If someone harms a friend of hers, she will try to get the friend out of the situation unharmed. The only time she gets sad is if she or a friend gets hurt badly.


Gwen does not fight but rather tries to stop the fighting. If being beat up she will not fight back but rather curl into a ball in an attempt to ease the pain even by a little
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Gwen Reijui Journal
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