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 Bernieb's Vamp DvL application

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Bernieb's Vamp DvL application Empty
PostSubject: Bernieb's Vamp DvL application   Bernieb's Vamp DvL application EmptyMon Dec 01, 2014 3:12 pm

VAMP DvL Application sheet
Steam name:
How long have you been part of the community?
Probably about a week and a half.
How long have you been playing HL2RP?
A couple of years.

Have you ever been banned before?

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?
Yes I have been ranked from operator to Super admin on numerous servers.

What motivates you to want to become the VAMP DvL?
Because medical RP is one of my favorite types of roleplay, I love not only performing it but teaching it to others that may not understand the field, this is why I am motivated to becoming the DvL of Vamp, I am very active and could teach and lead people efficiently.

Do you have any past experience with running a division within the MPF?
Yes, I have been the HELIX DvL(medical) on many servers and have run and and conducted it well.

Give a detailed description what a divisional is supposed to do: A divisional is to teach and lead all people below him, making sure to keep all the units disciplined and in line, and insuring overall excellence among all the units.

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would interact with a lower ranked unit: Background: The location is the med-bay of the nexus, there is a trace scent of formaldehyde. There would be a dummy on the operating table.
Vamp DvL: /me Would turn to the unit across the operating table as he says "Today I will be teaching you basic first aid, the thing I will teach you is how to perform CPR. Are you ready to begin?"
Vamp 05: /me Would nod to the DvL as he responds with "Sir, yes sir!"
Vamp DvL: "Alright so the first thing you do when performing CPR is to open up the person's airways, lightly lift up the person's chin using your index finger and your thumb.
Vamp 05: "Like this?"
Vamp 05: /me Would quickly lift up the the dummies chin, almost whipping it's head back as he does.
Vamp DvL: "What are you trying to do give him whip lash? Do is slowly and with care!"
Vamp DvL: /me Would put the chin back into the original place, softly lifting it up and opening the airways.
Vamp DvL: "Do it just like that, understood?
Vamp 05: /me Would nod as he looks up the DvL uttering the the phrase "Sir, yes sir!" once again.
Vamp 05: /me Would once again attempt to open the airway, slowly lifting the chin up, freeing the airway.
Vamp DvL: "Very good, now the next part of performing CPR is to position your shoulders directly above there sternum. Then press the heel against the breast bone between the nipples.
Vamp 05: /me Would position his hands on the breast bone as ordered.
Vamp DvL: "Now when you start the compression you have to press hard and fast, doing about one hundred compression every minute, although every thirty compression you are to stop, pinch their nose shut using your thumb and index finger, breath in as you normally would, press your lips against their's to create and air tight seal and softly exhale , you shall do this twice before continuing compression again.
Vamp 05: /me Would let out a sigh as he takes all the information in he would then say "Eum... can you please demonstrate sir?"
Vamp DvL: "Attempt yourself first, if you need help I will help you."
Vamp 05: /me Would let out a sigh as he beings the chest compressions.
Vamp DvL: /me Would notice the Vamp slacking as he says "Speed up the compressions a bit"
Vamp 05: /me Would speed up the compressions as he is told to do so, he would soon reach 30 compressions then continue.
Vamp DvL: "Are you not counting your compressions? You just passed 30!"
Vamp 05: "Eum sorry sir."
Vamp DvL: "Try again from the beginning, don't miss thirty this time!"
Vamp 05: /me Would nod as he starts the compressions again, although this time as he makes it to thirty he would close the dummies nose using his thumb and index finger, exhaling his breath softly as he meets his lips with the dummies. He would then continue on, keeping the 30 compression to two breath ratio.
Vamp DvL: "Alright, you can stop now."
Vamp 05: /me Would pull himself up from the dummy, looking to the DvL.
Vamp DvL: That concludes the first part of your basic first aid training, if you have any questions, now would be the time.
Vamp 05: "Eh, No sir, I think I get it."
Vamp DvL: Alright then, you are dismissed, come back to me for the next part of your basic first aid training when you are ready.
Vamp 05: /me Would nod to the DvL saying "Yes, sir!" before turning for the exit of the med bay."

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately as the VAMP Divisional:
Because any inappropriate behavior will reflect badly on you, your division, the MPF, and the server. You are also an inspiration an example to all units below you and you don't want someone to follow in your inappropriate footsteps.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
Because I have experience in the role and I will put my heart and sole into this position. I am very active on the sever, in fact I have played every day since the first day I joined, several hours a day. I believe if I am given the chance in having this role that I will run it above and beyond expectations.
Are you able to preform as a forum moderation as you will be responsible for the VAMP section of the forum?
Yes, I am.

Do you already have the MPF whitelist?
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Bernieb's Vamp DvL application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bernieb's Vamp DvL application   Bernieb's Vamp DvL application EmptyTue Dec 02, 2014 8:46 am

I've RP'd with Bernie a few times before when he was a Divisional and I believe his by-the-book approach would be extremely beneficial for the MPF as we already have enough friendly/kind DVLs.

While Bernie may not know some of the more 'advanced' MedRP things like his competitor does, I'm sure a short visit to wikihow will quickly fix that.

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Bernieb's Vamp DvL application
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