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 Sinskitz Vamp Divisional Application :)

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PostSubject: Sinskitz Vamp Divisional Application :)    Mon Dec 01, 2014 2:36 pm

VAMP DvL Application sheet

Steam name:


How long have you been part of the community?
A week

How long have you been playing HL2RP?
Three to four years

Have you ever been banned before?
Never, and I don't plan on it.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?

Yes I have, Super Admin for "Rockets Community" And "Universal Gaming" as well as, operator for "Sloth Gaming". I have also owned my own server.

What motivates you to want to become the VAMP DvL?

I love hl2rp as well as medical roleplay. I am motivated to run my own divisional once again. I love to teach people how to medical roleplay and help new vamp units during surgery. When I was a low ranked vamp unit, I would always put other high command units in surgery. I've fixed broken limbs before, always fix deep stabs and bullet wounds. I've replaced arms before, with bionic ones, of course I had help from a helix unit. I just want a chance to show off my potential and dedication I have for the server, I am on every day.

Do you have any past experience with running a division within the MPF?

Yes, I have been two divisional leaders as well as sectorial. I've also been three elite units for three different divisional, not all in one server of course. I've been a helix DvL, [medical] a Union DvL [Patrol], and a Judge DvL [Detainment/questioning/torture <3]. I have been a helix Elite unit, a grid elite unit, and a Judge elite unit. My specialty is great detail in gore. So when I rolepaly as a Vamp DvL, expect to see detail in gore depending on how badly they are injured.

Give a detailed description what a divisional is supposed to do:

They are supposed to make sure their units are in check and doing what they are supposed to do. They are partially responsible for how well trained the units are and how the units act. They update the units with information about the divisional and train new units or units that rank up and acquire more training.
Think of the DvL leader as a leader of a club at school, if the club members are acting foolish and idiotic, who gets blamed? A DvL is suppose to complete her/his tasks without fail, no matter what the reason.

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would interact with a lower ranked unit:

*Vamp is requesting training, he recently joined the divisional today*

Vamp DvL: /radio Vamp oh-five, meet in the medbay for training. If you are a minute late I will remove you from my divisional.
Vamp 05: /radio "loud breathing is heard from the radio" Rodger that! eh-route to your 10-20.
Vamp DvL: /radio Stop breathing so loud, it's giving me a headache.
Vamp 05: /me pushes the door open and jogs towards the divisional leader. He than clicks his boots together and gives a nearly perfect salute.
Vamp DvL: You were almost five seconds late. Hmm, at ease unit.
Vamp 05: /me Immediately bends down and puts his hands on his knees, he than begins to pant.
Vamp DvL: /me waits impatiently for the unit to gain his breath, he than says, "Any day now oh-five"
Vamp 05: Regains his breath and says, " Sorry sir."
Vamp DvL: /me Places his large backpack on the table, he than lays out some medical tools. Anti-Septic Cream, Hydrogen Peroxide, Bandages, Suturing Kit, Green Medi-Gel, Burn Cream, QuiKClot, Steri-Strips, Powder-Free Latex Gloves, and Scalpel and Tweezers.
Vamp 05: Notices the dead corpse on the surgery table.
Vamp DvL: /me pulls out a 9mm and shots once into the dead corpses arm, he than radios in, " Dispatch don't be alarmed that gun shot was from me"
Dispatch: Rodger that divisional unit
Vamp DvL: I will show you how to remove a bullet, clean the wound, and stitch up the wound. I will only show you once. If you fail you will need to respectable another training session tomorrow. Am I understood?
Vamp 05: Yes sir!
Vamp DvL: /me Check DR-ABCs, than Check for internal bleeding with a Stethoscope. There is no signs of internal bleeding. He than Applies the powdered QuiKclot Calcium Zeolite. After that he withdraws and applies 3cc of Morphine in the form of an IM to the Cubital Vein. He than cover the open wound with a sterile gauze pad and bandage roll. He says, " This is what you do if the unit is hit in action, you than bring them to the medbay for surgery".
Vamp DvL: You than give them 10cc of Methohexital, this will make them fall asleep during the surgery. I change my mind, I'll tell you what to do and you can do it yourself.
Vamp 05: Yes sir
Vamp DvL: /me moves over to where he has a good look at the dead corpses wound. He than says, " Move where I just was".
Vamp 05: /me in the same position the divisonal leader was and pays close attention.
Vamp DvL: Make an incision with a scalpel, use clamps to hold it open. I'll use a bovie pen to cauterize the blood vessels.
Vamp 05: /me Makes an incision with the scalpel slowly and carefully, he than uses the clamps to hold it open.
Vamp DvL: /me Grabs the bovie pen from the table and moves over towards the dead corpse. He than cauterizes the blood vessels. Afterwards he says, "Remove the bullet with a pair of forceps."
Vamp 05: /me holds out his hand for the forceps.
Vamp DvL: /me Passes the forceps from the table and into the units hands
Vamp 05: /me Careful and calmly attempts to remove the bullet with the pair of forceps the divisonal leader had given him. It seems it was successful.
Vamp DvL: /me grabs a small tray and says, " Place the bullet on this tray"
Vamp 05: /me carefully releases the forceps and the bullet drops into the tray.
Vamp DvL: /me passes him  the Suturing Kit and hydrogen peroxide, he than says, "Make sure to Sterilize it, and suture it. If he was alive you would give them a Local Anaesthetic."
Vamp 05: /me opens the Suture kit and takes out the Needle, thread, bandage, clean towel, and Scissors.
Vamp DvL: Make sure to clean it first than put the thread in the needle and begin to stitch the wound closed.
Vamp 05: /me pours hydrogen peroxide on the wound and quickly uses the towel to dry the wound before begining to insert the thread in the needle. He than, begins to stitch the wound, zigzagging. He finishes and uses the scissors to cut off the extra thread.
Vamp DvL: Now place the bandage on the wound.
Vamp 05: /me grabs the bandage and places it carefully on the wound
Vamp DvL: Congratulations 05, welcome to vamp. Training session is over, go wash your hands than patrol!
Vamp 05: Yes sir.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately as the VAMP Divisional:

The divisional leaders are suppose to be the right hand man for the sectorial. They are almost the sectorials spit image. They are super trained officers that help run the metro police force. If you don't take your character seriously than you will be misses up a big portion of that roleplay. They are suppose to be brainwashed to the teeth and do what ever the sectorial commands of them. If you aren't seen doing so, than there is no need for you to have this position. They are how we say, "Bad asses". If you are seen "derping" around, no body will take you or that divisional seriously. This could be very damaging to the server.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?

Well, to be honest. I really just want to be more involved with the community. I have been on everyday and I think I am one of those most dedicated players. It would be nice if I could play as my favorite divisional again and to be able to run it. That is a dream come true. I am also very friendly [ooc], and know many of people of the community. I can handle stressful situations, I've dealt with them most of my life.

Are you able to preform as a forum moderation as you will be responsible for the VAMP section of the forum?

Yes I am. I have owned my own forum before and managed another communities forums before. I am willing to do the extra work. If you choose me than it is expected for me to full fill my responsibilities.

Do you already have the MPF whitelist?

Yes I do. I also have Overwatch, and scanner. I figured I would mention these since they are under the same team.

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PostSubject: Re: Sinskitz Vamp Divisional Application :)    Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:43 am

I'm really impressed with this application, it's a definite +1 however, it basically depends on your activity afterwards.

However, the one question I have relates to what sort of Divisional you would make.
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PostSubject: Re: Sinskitz Vamp Divisional Application :)    Tue Dec 02, 2014 9:15 am

_Uno wrote:
I'm really impressed with this application, it's a definite +1 however, it basically depends on your activity afterwards.

However, the one question I have relates to what sort of Divisional you would make.

Well obviously a divisonal with highly skilled medical roleplayers. I will be open to new medical roleplayers, but I expect full attention and dedication when I am teaching them . I will also be one of those strict divisonal leaders, I will act professional and only be social around non low rank units to establish my seriousness when roleplaying a high command unit. I don't want low ranks telling jokes to me in character. So basically, the division will be fun, but at the same time slow paced and serious. I will add guides In-character, and train vamp units numerous types of medical training depending on their rank. I will make sure each vamp unit carries different types of medical items in their backpack/med-kits. For example, vamp oh-five would have a standard medical kit that consists of all the items needed to remove a bullet and stitch up a wound. While at the same time, a vamp oh-four will have everything a oh-five would have, but instead they would have the items needed to treat burns [this will be all explained in a guide, if I get the position]. Does this answer your question? If not, please reply and re-word your question. Smile ty for posting.

Ps: I am indeed the active one XD
Double Ps: I will also leave what gerby posted and follow up on it. As well as, adding new things.
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PostSubject: Re: Sinskitz Vamp Divisional Application :)    

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Sinskitz Vamp Divisional Application :)
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