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 De'Shawn Wilson's Journal

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PostSubject: De'Shawn Wilson's Journal   Fri Nov 28, 2014 8:41 pm

De'Shawn Wilson

Full Name: De'Shawn Wilson

Age: 56

Gender: Male

Eyes: Brown

Hair/Facial Hair: Black

Trait(s): None, besides a deep, soothing voice.

Part 1

I am your usual nobody. Just a part of the crowd, a guy sitting on the bench, another guy in front of you in the ration line.
Back when the rain was annoying, and seeing your neighbour dog poop on your lawn caused rage - Back when you lived a life. Back when you had a family. Back when you were together.
If we go back then, today would appear like a nightmare. Today would appear impossible. But no, today is real - More real than anything else.

Today, it rained. It poured straight down onto the ground. I sat outside, in the middle of the street.. Closed my eyes, and I was finally able to relax. It felt better than ever - It reminded me of back then.
But today, none of us are anybody. We're all nobody. Our superiors watch over us, tell us that they protect us. But no, they protect civilized society, not the citizens. To them, we appear nothing short of slaves - Animals in a large cage.
Today, the kids would stay inside, turn on their computer or console, and proceed to scream at each other. But that was back then. Today, the kids are nowhere to be seen, and nobody else will even smile.

The rain no longer hit me. I could hear it around me, but nothing hit me. I heard boots right in front of me, soon followed by "Citizen." I opened my eyes, and saw two civil protection units. They looked right at me, with their cold, dead eyes, hidden behind a mask. They used to be like me. A nobody. A couple of nobodies. "Move along." I stood up, and proceeded to walk away. I let out a sigh as I walked back into the rain, no longer in cover under the civil protection and his uniform.

We are nobody.
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De'Shawn Wilson's Journal
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