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 Alex Brooker

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PostSubject: Alex Brooker   Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:52 am


Alex Brooker

Family Name Brooker

Birth Name Alexander

Given Name Alex

Height Around 5'11"

Age Around 29-34

Eye Color Amber

Hair Color A dark brown with patches that seem black

Demeanor Seemingly impossible to annoy or irritate, he'll put on a face suitable for whatever situation he finds himself in and work it into a smile. Always looking for something positive.

Known Faction Affiliation His small group of friends known as 'Those bums'


"A man who does not think, is a corpse waiting to die." - Unknown.


I was a happy man once. I had everything I could want. I wasn't a wealthy man by any means but I had a loving and devoted wife and a happy, healthy daughter. My wife was my childhood sweetheart and I had a small diner in my home town. Living the life as others would say but there was something missing. Its called life being a complete and total bitch. On some random night years ago, it was dark and storming. I can't remember why but my wife was driving home with our daughter from the hospital. They were five minutes away from the house when a drunk bastard crashed into them. I was informed hours later.

Life has always been a real bitch to me after that. Its just so much a man can take, family's killed in one fell swoop. Economy crash cost me my diner. I was out of a source of an income and all alone when the combine hit so oddly enough, that improved my mood. Suddenly I was surrounded by people I never met before, all with problems worse than my own. I started making friends left and right and after a few months, I really started seeing the world in a new light. But then it hit me, the earth got taken over by aliens. What is this? Some sort of shitty B movie? We were taken over by fuckin communist aliens. Bullshit.

But hey, I learned somethin from being dragged through the mud so many times. Its that if you have a pulse, you can keep movin forward.


"I can't take anything I didn't put a price on, friendship is like that."



Alex has always been interested in cooking. Having been working in the kitchen with his mother since around the age of seven. His entire life was revolving around his skills until he married his long time crush as she came out of collage. His family started to come first so he never managed to actually finish his own schoolwork regarding culinary arts.

His wit
He's a fast thinker and an avid reader. As a high school student he took a class assisting the librarian in his school's library. He started reading the history books and gained an understanding of the general flow that humanity has taken. He relies on his brain more than his body as he cracks more jokes than lifts boards. He tries breaking the ice with random stories or tidbits about the past quite often and if that fails he'll break out a joke.

He has never been in a serious fight in his entire life. His only real skills in a fight is knowing what temperature to cook a steak.

His body
He isn't the fittest individual and thats pretty obvious. The years under the combine haven't helped him maintain any muscle and he's roughly in the same boat as the rest of humanity.

He fucking hates cats.



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Alex Brooker
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