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 [OOC] GRID Needs You!

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[OOC] GRID Needs You! Empty
PostSubject: [OOC] GRID Needs You!   [OOC] GRID Needs You! EmptyTue Nov 25, 2014 7:03 pm

Welcome fellow forum dwellers. If you're reading this, you're probably a sensible human being who knows how to type, think, eat, and breathe. If you are of all these things you need to continue to read. Currently, I've been having near panic attacks due to plenty of training requests, homework, paperwork, and an assortment of other things. So to prevent me from dying, I am in need of three OfCs who know their shit about RP, and Hl2rp in general. If you fill out this form, and I feel it is satisfactory, you will be promoted automatically to OfC. Although I would generally not approve of such a notion, I just can't handle the stress of constantly training this large influx of units. So a fair warning, you will be dealing with high stress environments constantly, and you need to know that you aren't applying for the rank but for helping me. I know it's selfish of my to do this, but the OfC position does come with all the perks, just with some cons of constant training. When this training dies down, hopefully, I will allow one of the OfCs to transfer from the Echo Squad (Training Squad), to Razer (Elite Squad).

What's your steam name?:

What's your steam Id?:

Can you RP Properly, if so, give me a 20 lined page of a classroom during training:

Can you deal with high stress environment?:

Have you had previous experience as a High Command unit?:

Do you understand that this will enable you to be more active on the server?:

Have you ever trained any type of unit before?:

Are you prepared to deal with slight retardation?:

Are you applying for the rank?:

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[OOC] GRID Needs You! Empty
PostSubject: Re: [OOC] GRID Needs You!   [OOC] GRID Needs You! EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 7:30 am

What's your steam name?: _Uno

What's your steam Id?: STEAM_0:0:11924005

Can you RP Properly, if so, give me a 20 lined page of a classroom during training:
** The units to be trained are waiting in the training hall, sat at their desks, talking amongst themselves when suddenly the OfC comes in and the room falls dead silent.
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 walks to the front of the class "<:: I know why you're all here Oh-Fives, to better serve the Union. But there are some things I will not accept which are: Not knowing questions and failure as a Unit. ::>" Standing behind their desk and leaning over it.
C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: Now, if any of you feel as though you're unprepared for this, or simply not ready - I'm giving you this chance to leave. I don't have time to waste on those who don't appreciate what I do. ::>"
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 looks at the Units in the room, knowing that most of them should stay, nodding sharply before leaning back and pulling several notepads out from their desk and handing one to each Unit, as well as a Black Pen. "<:: Now, I'm going to begin the first test, I know that as Oh-Fives you're expected to know what Contraband are, so I will save you that lecture, what I'm interested in is whether or not you know what level of Contraband certain items are, which I'm going to test you on now. ::>" Returning to their desk after handing the final Pen and notepad to the Units.
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 removes their Pistol, placing it on the desk - followed by their Zip-Ties and some 9mm Magazines. "<:: Now it should come as no suprise that the Union has to deal with these three types of Contraband and you're going to encounter them a lot. ::>" Reaching into a cupboard and removing some Non-UU Brand Food items and a depleted Med-Kit, placing it along side the other items.
C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: I'm expecting that in 2 minutes, you will be able to write down the /CORRECT/ answer, if you have studied enough you should know what they are and have nothing to worry about. ::>"  Placing their hands behind their back "<:: Your time starts now. ::>"
** The room is filled with the sound of writing and for 2 minutes it is the only noise present.
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: That's time, put down your Pens, now unlike most instructors, I'm expecting you to come to my desk, one at a time, so I can tell you how many you got right ::>"
** The Units do as they're told as one by one, they're informed by how many items they got correct, amazingly without a single failure
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: Not bad, class. On the whole you all did rather well. Attach, because it's time to go through basic Firearms training to ensure that all of you can shoot as well as you can write. ::>" the Officer marching out of the room and striding towards the Firing Range the units quickly trailing behind.
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 stands away from the Firing Booths before pointing to each of the Booths, assigning a single unit to each booth "<:: Now I'm sure you've seen what a Firing Range is for, it's to test your efficiency with a Firearm, from the low-calibre pistols that are available, to the M7 Personal Defence Weapon and even to the Shotgun. ::>" Walking up and down the room, looking at the Units
**C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: Today, because I don't trust any of you with a buttering knife, you'll be assessed on your accuracy with the MPF Standard 9mm Pistol, ready your weapons and fire at the targets in two to three shot bursts. Each of these bullets carries within itself, the ability to end an Anti-Citizens life, but you also must remember that the Anti-Citizen is not a cardboard cut-out and will indeed fight back, I expect you to use the limited cover available to you in your booth. ::>" The Officer taking a short breath before saying "<:: Now begin. ::>"
** The Firing Range is filled with a symphony of gunshots for the next minute, Units ducking behind the booth and then coming out of their cover and firing once more.
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 pleased with herself "<:: Time. ::>" Calling out the IDs of two Units present in the group "<:: You two would have died, I didn't see you using any cover what-so-ever. ::>" Unslinging their SMG from their shoulder and flicking the SMGs firing mode to Semi-Auto aiming it at the two Units "<:: Bang! Bang! ::>" Lowering her SMG afterwards
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: Now you're bleeding without proper medical help, you'll be dead within an hour, you're not relying on your fellow Units to risk their lives to save yours. ::>" pointing at the Oh-Five VAMP within the group "<:: VAMP, it's your responsibility to get these injured units to safety and treat their wounds, why should you risk your life to save theirs? ::>"
** C45.MPF.VAMP.05.28472 looks nervous for a moment "<:: Err... I... Don't think I should, if there is still shooting going on. ::>" They answer nervously.
C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 says "<:: At a minimum get them into cover. Units who jeopardise the Unions safety will be punished accordingly and to allow another Unit to bleed out is considered a waste of Union resources, if they are unable to survive - So the group would be punished as a whole. ::>"
C45.MPF.VAMP.05.28472 says "<:: Understood ma'am, so it benefits my peers and the Union to try and save a reckless Unit? ::>"
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 nods "<:: Correct, though you should also be aware that moving a body is never easy in the middle of combat and puts yourself in exceptional danger, I'm aware we have a shortage of VAMP units, so I don't want you losing your life for a Unit who failed to value their own. ::>"
** C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.92855 looks at the two Units who would have been injured "<:: Even a single Unit being injured in a Raid puts the entire team at a disadvantage because it takes another Unit to provide medical assistance, if the group remains stationary, the purpose of the raid is pointless, infomation amongst anti-citizens travels quickly and you two would have been responsible for it, if the group was attacked. ::>" Sounding mildly annoyed in her tone before taking a short breath and saying "<:: But, it's a learning process and you will be expected to value your lives more, each of you is an asset to the Union. You all did exceptionally well, I'll be sure to inform your Divisionals about your performance ::>"

Can you deal with high stress environment?:
I was the only person on SCG trying to make the MPF be less shit, I can handle it.

Have you had previous experience as a High Command unit?:
I've had a NOVA Unit which used to hold Training Programs twice a week, allowing for people who missed the first session another chance - A note was made OOCly to see which Unit had received training the same week to ensure that no Rank Jumping occurred.

Do you understand that this will enable you to be more active on the server?:
Well I only ever play on one server at a time, so I believe it's the same.

Have you ever trained any type of unit before?:
As mentioned earlier, I had a NOVA Unit which held training Sessions, in total I've trained probably eight units.

Are you prepared to deal with slight retardation?:
Well, yeah - Depending on the retardation punishment can go from Re-Education to Blackmarking.

Are you applying for the rank?:
Yes, though I don't exactly want an 'ass-pulled' promotion, I'd want to be able to demonstrate that I'm capable of the task ICly before receiving any possible promotion.

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PostSubject: Sinskitz Grid-OfC application   [OOC] GRID Needs You! EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 12:11 pm

What's your steam name?:


What's your steam Id?:


Can you RP Properly, if so, give me a 20 lined page of a classroom during training: {Code| * = who and what is happening| Grid.OfC = me| }

*The three new recruits suit up and wait patiently in the training room. One of the recruits than radios in*

Recruit 1: Sir, requesting training for me and my fellow recruits. We are waiting in the training room.
Grid.OfC: Hmmm, on my way.
*Grid.OfC finally arrives at the training room and sits at the trainers desk *
Grid.OfC: /me Observes the fresh suited units as they wait silently in their seats.
Grid.OfC: Alright, let's begin! We will be going over the most important radio commands this training session. You are advised to take notes whilst I go over the radio commands. Be advised, you will be tested after I am done. Am I understood?
Recruit: 1/2/3: Understood, sir!
Grid.Ofc: hmmmm, okay let's begin. 10-2 means understood, 10-8 means on-duty, 10-7 means off-duty, 10-20 means your location, 11-99 means officer needs assistance, 10-3 Stop Transmitting, 10-50 Resume patrol, and 10-66 State medical status. Understood?
Recruit 2: Understood
Recruit 3: Understood
Recruit 1: /me raises his hand than replies, "What's 10-20 again sir?"
Grid.OfC: It means your location.
Recruit 1: Thank you, sir.
Grid.OfC: Okay let's begin. I will call out a radio command and the first to raise their hand answers. If you raise your hand and don't know the answer, you will be punished. If nobody answers, I will call on one of you myself. Understood?
Recruit 1/2/3: Understood!
Grid.OfC: 11-99
Recruit 1: /me Raises he hand up and high for the divisional officer to see.
Recruit 2: /me Raises her hand
Recruit 3: /me Raises her hand as fast as her can
Grid.OfC: /me Notices that Recruit 1 raised his hand first. Than says, " Go on!"
Recruit 1: /me Answers without hesitation, " Officer needs assistance."
Grid.OfC: /me Pulls out her Datapad and rights down something as she says, " Correct!"
Grid.OfC: /me While still holding out her data pad, she continues on to the next question, "10-2".
Recruit 2: /me Raises her hand first
*Recruit 1/3 are seen without raising their hands, they probably don't know the answer to the question*
Grid.OfC: /me Points to Recruit 2 with her finger
Recruit 2: Understood?
Grid.OfC: You didn't sound to sure about that. None the less, Correct!.
Grid.OfC: 10-7?
Recruit 3: /me Raises her hand
Recruit 3: /me Quickly answers the question, " Off-duty"
Grid.OfC: Correct!

* They than continue on to the rest of the radio command questions and leave the training room. They than follow the Divisional officer to the shooting range to complete training*

Can you deal with high stress environment?: Don't even get me started I have four brothers and sisters and two annoying parents. I am the oldest of my brothers and sisters, I do this every damn day XD. Even if I am called to do training or whatever I am needed to do, I [As I said in my operator application] don't mind helping out with the little things whilst others are busy. I for one, love the training experience as a unit. I love to train and to be trained, especially if its Medical training. To answer your question, Yes. Smile

Have you had previous experience as a High Command unit?:

Yes, sir!. I was once a Divisional leader for Helix [ Aka - Medical divisional, but you know it as vamp]. I was also, a sectorial for my own hl2rp server. I think I was an officer [OfC] for Union once, but that was a long time ago.

Do you understand that this will enable you to be more active on the server?:

Yes. I mean, I love to play on hl2rp and I don't mind having to be on more than usual. I have to be honest with you guys, I have been experiencing computer problems and I am receiving a new gaming computer this early December. The problem is when I play to long my computer shuts down and I have to reboot/rejoin. This usually takes five mins to do, but after that I last another hour before this happens again. I will try my best to be on, I don't have any reason why not besides what I just told you.

Have you ever trained any type of unit before?:

Yes. I have trained many Helix Units [Once again, Medical Divisional, but you know it as vamp]. I once had a Nova-03 character on another hl2rp server. Basically, nova Units were the only units allowed to train. Unless high command felt like training [aka never haha]. As a nova unit I was trained by my nova divisional leader. I learned many different types of training such as, " removing a bullet wound/stab, how to stitch up a bad cut, basic combat training, ect".

Are you prepared to deal with slight retardation?:

-Sigh- Yeah, I am aware of some units being like this and have experienced things like this in the past. I know how to deal with problems like these more or less.

Why are you applying for the rank?:

I am applying for this rank not to benefit myself in role-play, but the fact that I miss being one of the higher ups. I also, wanna help those fresh units get ready for whats out there. I also, [ this is one of my favorite reasons] want to encourage some fear-rp some recruits are dealing with a high command training them. I haven't seen any fear-rp yet, and hey to be honest if I would be scared if I was being trained by such a high rank.
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PostSubject: Re: [OOC] GRID Needs You!   [OOC] GRID Needs You! EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 1:44 pm

What's your steam name?: Pork the Ork

What's your steam Id?:

Can you RP Properly, if so, give me a 20 lined page of a classroom during training:

C45.MPF-GRID.OfC.18071: Alright troopers, welcome to basic training, we are gathered here today to teach you little useful peons
how to actually use that data-pad you have clipped to your belt, no it's not just to make you look cool it's actually to do work! Now as I was saying how you use this peice of combine tech is that you pick it up
*He would pick up his data pad, showing it around to the classroom* and you hit the light blue button on the top of this data-pad *He does so, a happy chirping sound echoing through the classroom* and now it works
just like your old world tablet, apps not included. Alright you folks can mark that off on your training logs and I'll give you a minute to do that..*Leans back in his chair, yawning behind his mask as he waits quietly
for the MpF underlings to finish up the training logs* Now folks what training segment do you want to do next? *Waits for them to put it too a vote, failure to do so will result in him picking one at random* alright wonderful
let's do violations tier one, quick open up your data-pads and switch to this link on the Combine internet browser and open the link I just sent too all of you .
Now, let's take a look at section one of this little guide book on how to be a good MpF in the combine.*At this he would clear his throat* Ahem, Section one; codes and terminology...Hmm..Unit (Enter unit here) what is the code
for a officer down? incorrect, that isn't 10-103M that is for someone being mentally unfit. it is 10-99! Now take a moment to look over the section and then give me an example of both a numrical and word based code.
*Once this is completed he would sigh, standing up and clapping lightly* Wonderful job folks, you will make half good mea- err...I've just been informed I'm not allowed to call you troopers meat shields...Anyway! Moving on too
section two, violation tiers. Levels of punishment vary based upon Union standards of ethics and morality, you can find that in the normal beginners guide to Union Directives page fourty-five subsection A. now this is an abridged
version of said section and will give you the most basic Directives dealing with the causes and effects you can give out and a citizen should expect from you if said Violation Directives are broken. Now (Enter unit name here) What
do you think is a mundane, level 1 Violation WITHOUT looking at the section? Oh? That is actually correct, being impolite and just a general arse to your fellow citizens and Metro Police Force is a level one offence and is classified
under Level one violation tier subsection E, General uncivil behaviour. IE: Doing something that a MpF would deem uncivil to either a citizen or a Metro Police Force member. Now (Enter Unit here) Think of what you'd think a Level three
violation would be? *He would wait quietly until an answer is given* No unit, trespassing on the NEXUS is a level four crime, and as such is not a level three crime, now someone give me a crime from the Section that IS a level three tier.
Yes, Failure to apply IS a level three tier, it is offically known as a Level three violation tier subsection B Failure to Apply IE: ....Failure to apply! Now...What is the punishment for a level one violation and a level three violation
respectively...Units, one answer for one person please, you and you...*Points at two units at random, looking at them* What are the punishments for level one and level three violations of the Union Directives? Yes and no...Half right, a
level one violation simply means that they get varying levels of re-education varying from a beating too a stern talking too...Now a level three is not just re-education and a one cycle detention, you also get Anti-Citizen points added too
your CID. What an Anti-Citizen point means is basiclly this, you get eighty and you miss a ration cycle every other cycle, you get one-hundred and well...The next time you apply your effectively dead meat, it means immediate amputation of you
by and MpF or OTA force that you encounter that makes you apply. now you see someone violating a level six Violation for example UPA...Mental note NO sex ed for you folks..Now in the serious note this is a bad thing for a civvie, if caught you
get put on tiral for amputation, if passed they don't die BUT get eighty Anti-Citizen points and four cycles of detention..Well that sums up our lessions for today, continue too study and there will be a quiz on the rest of the Violation tiers
tomorrow, continue to be good and have a nice day Metro Police Forces!

Can you deal with high stress environment?: Yes I can.

Have you had previous experience as a High Command unit?: Yes I do.

Do you understand that this will enable you to be more active on the server?: Of course I do.

Have you ever trained any type of unit before?: Yes I have.

Are you prepared to deal with slight retardation?: Dude I am the dude of dealing with slight retardation.

Are you applying for the rank?: Yes I am.
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PostSubject: Re: [OOC] GRID Needs You!   [OOC] GRID Needs You! EmptyWed Nov 26, 2014 3:02 pm

What's your steam name?:


What's your steam Id?:


Can you RP Properly, if so, give me a 20 lined page of a classroom during training:

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 struts into the classroom, his hands clasped behind his back he makes his way down the row of tables before rounding his desk and facing the class full of units. He then unclasps his hands from his back and settles them on the table. For a moment, he gazes upon the group. His eyes swaying back in forth in his head, he looks across the room at each pair of units as they stood motionless behind their desks. He then slipped his hands to his sides, clicked his boots together then, with his hand flat and straight, he would snap it up to his forehead, saluting to the class.

*In unison, the class would collectively return the salute to the Officer before standing at ease.

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would then lower his hand, letting it fall to his side as he shuffled his feet apart.
“Units.” He would say in a loud yet controlled manner. “Who can tell me what this is?” He’d then slip his datapad from his utility belt, connecting it to a port in the desk in front of him. With a swipe of his fingers, a hologram would project an image across the desk. He’d the press a button to the side of the desk, darkening the room and providing the projection with a sharper image.

*The image, casted with light blue and white lines and contours, would present the image of an apartment building. Three units, marked by bright green, would be gathered at the main door while several red figures would be in the buildings first floor, across the hallways and dotting several of the room. Two units would stand by the door, opposite of eachother while another unit would wait immediately in front of it.

*The classroom would remain silent for a moment, before a unit in the far back would raise his hand high, beckoning the Officer’s attention.

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would survey the room, before locating the lone unit, “Yes, nine-two-one.”

C45.MPF.GRID.i4.88921 says “That is the standard formation assumed when tasked with a breaching, sir.”

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 says “Precisely, unit. Now, can you name each unit’s responsibility?”

C45.MPF.GRID.i4.88921 would remain silent, he’d then say, “I’m not quite sur-“

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would cut him off, “Can anyone else do so?” He’d look away from 921, scanning across
the room. He’d then pick on five-eight-six for an answer. “What about you, five-eight-six? Can you tell me?”

C45.MPF.GRID.i5.44586 looks around the room at her fellow units, she scratches the back of her neck, against the rubber of her suit. “Uhm…” She’d stammer as she hesitantly began to speak, she would look intently at the hologram then back to the Officer. “The man-. The unit at the front of the door, away from the others…He’d be the Pointman.” She’d then remain silent for a moment, thinking. “Then, the one on the door’s side with the handle that’d be the Breacher, sir.” She would then, in a heightened voice of confidence finish her response, “Finally, the unit on the other side of the door would be the Stack.” She’d then smile under her mask, awaiting the Officer’s review.

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would nod his head slowly, “Correct, five-eight-six.” He’d then face the hologram, while his finger tracked against the datapad, the hologram would begin to move as the units as one unit would shoot the door’s lock off, then the other would kick it down leading the group into the room as they raised their weapons high, sweeping the first floor of the apartment. Flashes of yellow would begin to spray across the hologram as the units exchanged shots with the red figures. Two red figures would fall over, then one unit would appear to be hit in the shoulder, falling over onto the ground. The animation would then stop as the Officer tapped the datapad. He’d then look pass the hologram and towards the classroom. “In a situation such as this, what is the first thing to do?” he’d ask.

C45.MPF.GRID.i4.56874 shoots his hand into the air and once picked would respond, “Leave them, take on the rest of the suspects then regain a clamp on the building.” he’d answer in a matter-of-fact tone.

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 says “What do you think, units? Would you do the same?”

*The class would break into a collective exchange of nods and murmurs until one unit would raise their hand, speaking without being called by the Officer.*

C45.MPF.GRID.i3.09877 says “That’s quite possibly, the worst thing you could do in this situation.” He’d say, then clear his throat, “No offense, eight-seven-four.” He’d look at the unit for a moment, apologetic eyes hidden behind his lenses. He’d then turn back to the Officer, “I believe the best course of action would be to assess the situation at hand, associating the proper threat levels and escape routes. Firstly, I would make my way safely to the wounded unit and seek cover and regroup with the remaining unit. We would then make immediate requests for medical units and backup. It would be advisable for us to clamp on our position and await reinforcements in order to reduce losses.” Once finished with his response he’d clear his throat once more, tensing his shoulders as he waited.

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would swipe across the datapad, prompting the hologram to be swallowed back into the projector. He’d then raise the brightness of the room and remove his datapad from his port. He’d then slip it back into his utility belt. He’d then begin the introduction to another lesson titled |Intermediate Civil Interactions|, pressing several keys on the desk, each unit’s desk would then summon a datapad, with the text.
*Several hours would pass by as the Officer continued his allotted lesson plans, introducing the units to an array of subjects pertaining to topics such as proper etiquette amongst the force to how to approach a 10-103M. Reaching the end of his lesson, he would dismiss the units, save for one.

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 calls out to the mass of units snaking through the door, “Eight-seven-seven!”

C45.MPF.GRID.i3.09877 would stop at the door, as units shoved and pushed their way into the hallway. He’d look behind him to the Officer, gulping, as he snuck his way through the crowd and to the front of the classroom. He’d flinch at the sound of the doors slamming behind him, he’d then clasp his hands in front of him, “Yes, sir?”

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would look at the unit up and down, he’d then say, “Unit, you’ve expressed high degrees of intelligence and understanding in my class.” He’d wait a moment, looking once more at the unit intently before speaking again, “Now, I think you can agree that your field performance has not been quite exemplary, and will need to be tuned out. Until then, though I will be promoting you to a position as my leading officer and assistant. You will be appropriated with higher privledges than most units, but your rank will remain the name in the sake of providing you with some time to train for field experience. In addition to this, I would also like you to personally train five-eight-six and eight-seven-four, they will be, from now own, your responsibility in training and adancement.” He’d then remain silent for a moment, allowing the unit to allow the news to sink in. “Do you understand?”

C45.MPF.GRID.i3.09877 would clear his throat, then drops his hands in front of him, before clasping them behind his back, he’d then quickly nod to the Officer, “Y-Yes, sir. I understand.” He’d then drop his hands to his side once more and offer a hand to the Officer, “Thank you, sir. I’ll focus on more intensive training, and I won’t disappoint.”

C45.MPF.GRID.OfC.00626 would look at the unit a moment, he’d form a slight smile under his mask , then move for the unit’s hand, he’d then shake it firmly then nod to the unit, “You’re dismissed.”

*Eight-Seven-Seven would then hurriedly walk out of the room, with a wide grin accompanying his quickening heartbeat. Once the doors closed behind him, the Officer would then sigh quietly to himself, collecting his remaining materials. He’d look once more at the empty
classroom with content and admiration before moving around his desk, strutting to the exit.

Can you deal with high stress environment?:

Yes, I'm quite calm during stressful and high tension environments and will not resort to illogical or irrational action in order to cease conflicts. I will provide a calm and collected effort in order to come to the best of solutions as to help as many players as possible and to
keep order amongst the Division and the server itself.

Have you had previous experience as a High Command unit?:

Yes, I had characters from the DvL rank up to the highest rank possibly given, and thus have experience as a High Command unit. I am familiar with the basics of managing and directing other players across most servers and will be able to adapt according to server
expectation and canon.

Do you understand that this will enable you to be more active on the server?:

I understand that I will be required to be more active on the server, as I aim to serve as a role model for other players as well as to enrich the roleplay of my personal endeavors and that of others.
Have you ever trained any type of unit before?:

I am quite familiar with training units, units of the elite divisions were to be trained under my jurisdiction so I usually assume a more rigorous and critical manner of training units. Notably I directed training for UNION and REAPER divisions, focusing on the basic units and elite units.
Are you prepared to deal with slight retardation?:

Playing Garry's Mod for several years now, retardation is nearly guaranteed in all aspects of the game, and I feel that I am conditioned for such conditions.
[Why] are you applying for the rank?:

Obviously this may seem as an unfair trade in picking players to quickly climb the ranks in this division, but I do have a longing for playing as a High Command unit and with my fairly experienced and conditioned understanding as playing as such a privledged character, I can contribute ICly to the division and its units as well as OOCly, providing myself and others as rolemodels for the server's integrity.
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[OOC] GRID Needs You!
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