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 Shawn Lavelle - "Confessions of a Egotistical Hipster"

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PostSubject: Shawn Lavelle - "Confessions of a Egotistical Hipster"   Mon Nov 24, 2014 5:09 am

Shawn Lavelle

Family Name :: Lavelle.

Mother's Maiden Name :: Sadowski.

Birth Name :: Shawn.

Given Nickname :: N/A, however, old friends called him "James" for no apparent reason.

Height :: Around 5'11". / 1.80M.

Age :: Early thirtis.

Eye Colour :: Distinct Blue.

Hair Colour :: Black.

Hair Style :: Slicked back, worn short and clean cut.

Demeanor :: Generally calm, and outgoing. Not afraid to start a conversation, or end one.

Known Faction Affiliation :: N/A.

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." - Aristotle.

Once upon a time, I crawled the fuck out of my mother's genitals kicking and screaming -- covered in blood. And that's probably how I'll leave this world too, but until then, I'll remain happy. I'll remain content with my little, shitty life that depends on a few metal-heads screaming "RATIONS!" over an intercom like little triggerhappy children that just bought a toy gun... Lightning bolt! Pssh. Some people carry their regrets with them from the old-world; I only carry my memories; the memories that push me to carry on. The memories that keep me alive, that keep me from starving myself or cutting my wrists as many others desire. All I desire is happiness, and if I have to do that while being oppressed, then let me be oppressed.

I'm just a man. I don't expect I'll change the world; I don't expect I'll free this world. Hell, I don't expect I'll take a single metal-head off the streets, nor' will I try. All I'll be searching for is happiness, however I can find it. I'd like to be content with my life, to be able to say "My name is Shawn Lavelle." and be content with that; for that to be all. All my life I tried to find a purpose for myself, to figure out why I'm here. But I'm only here to be me. I'm only here so that I can have a sense of identity, so that I can be proud to stand up and exclaim that I've done my best, and that I've continued to do my best until the day I day. Simply knowing that will allow me to rest well. I won't stand here and pretend to be some selfless asshat whose happiness depends on others. I'm here to make myself happy, not to make you happy. If you expect me to drop everything for you, you're wrong. I'm not a hero, and neither are you.

I'd like to address the people that expect me to be a better man than them. I don't believe in Chivalry. I don't believe in common courtesy. I believe in my happiness, and your happiness. Sure, I might help you out with something -- but only if it benefits my own happiness. Let's make that clear. If I have to help you out to be content with myself, so be it, I'll help you out. But remember that everything I do is so in the end I can be happy. I have one motive in life, and won't let anyone convince me otherwise. The thought of being completely content, completely happy is what drives me in life. I'm the kind of guy that'll give you his everything, and then pretend he doesn't remember who you are the next day if I feel as if you aren't aiding me in my goals.
"When you know just who is calling, when the number is blocked."

The mirror's image tells me it's home time...

But I'm not finished, 'cause you're not by my side...

And as I arrived, I thought I saw you leaving -- carrying your shoes...

Decided that once again I was just dreaming...

Of bumping into you...

Now it's three in the morning, and I'm trying to change your mind...

Left you multiple missed calls, and to my message you reply...

"Why'd you only call me when you're high? ...High?"
Traits / Abilities


Shawn has always exhibited egotistical tendencies, the man only truly caring about himself. He's always put himself before others, and doesn't quite care about how his actions will make someone else feel. This doesn't make it hard to survive, especially out here.


Shawn tends to have a very rational, logical thinking mind despite his ego. The man tends to try and think things out before he does them, usually resulting in execution of a decision very well, and this thought process comes naturally to him.


Shawn exhibits a very suave, slick nature; the man having picked this up years and years ago -- mostly copying his favourite bands, movies, and TV shows. He's adapted his personality carefully over time to how he is today.

Pathological Lies

Shawn enjoys lying; if anything, he likes the thrill it gives him, expanding the truth or outright changing it completely. Though this has gotten him out of some sticky situations, it's also placed him in some. This is considered a neutral trait.

The Search For Happiness

Shawn has but only one goal in life, and that's to be happy. He couldn't care less about others, all he wants is eternal happiness and the feeling of being content. This has interested him since childood, and he's dedicated his life to it. This is considered a neutral trait.

"Good Guy Game."

Shawn's good guy act is easy to see through, exposing his egotistical, selfish self. Take a second look, and you'll see the real Shawn. This has broken friendships, and relationships time and time again -- sending Shawn spiralling down a path of minor depression, and attempts to fix his life.

The Shawn Principle

Shawn lives under the ideology that if he commits a wrong deed that benefits himself, he must also commit a wrong deed that disbenefits himself. He believes this sets his karma right, despite obstructing his desperate search for happiness.

Sometimes I Do

Shawn changes quite often in an attempt to look at life in a different way. This has resulted in friends completely stopping liking him, and disregarding him due to a sudden change in personality. This happens rather often, and fucks with his morale quite a bit.

Friends / Relationships


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Shawn Lavelle - "Confessions of a Egotistical Hipster"
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