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 Taylor Sharlow's MPF application

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Taylor Sharlow's MPF application Empty
PostSubject: Taylor Sharlow's MPF application   Taylor Sharlow's MPF application EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 5:30 pm

Steam name: Bernieb
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:7212618
How long have you been part of the community?
A couple hours
How long have you been playing HL2RP?
couple years
Have you ever been banned before?

What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit?
I believe that MPF is important to a more fun role play experience, I try to provide that by being a quality and on cannon MPF.
Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?
I have been super admin/admin/operator on a couple of hl2rp servers

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist?
Yes, on almost every hl2rp I've ever played.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit:
5'10|standard issue MPF uniform|shiny white face plate with tinted goggles|Recruit armband on arm|good posture|Malnourished build|Scuffed boots|

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:

Background: In this RP my character is and OfC helix. He had his work cut out for him after this fire fight
/it Two MPF officers are carried in on stretchers.
Me: What happened?
Heilx 04(carrying stretcher): Fire fight they've both been shot.
Me: Alright lay them on the table.
/it The units would be put atop the tables HELIX OfC would start his work.
* Bernieb Would walk over, removing the one union's mask's
/it His face would be gray from blood loss.
* Bernieb Would then inspect the body for wounds.
/it His leg would have two bullet wounds, blood is leaking out of it.
* Bernieb Would be quick at work, grabbing his medical kit, lugging it over to the table and setting it down. He then opens it pull out medical scissors and a scalpel. He would then take a tourniquet from his bag, wrapping it around above his wound to slow down the bleeding.
/it The patient would make a small groan as he passes out.
* Bernieb Would continue pull out a syringe of local anesthesia, injecting it next to the wound. He would then would take the scissors, cutting the skin around the wound, making it easier to access. Once the wound was open he reached in with the scalpel, losing the bullet until he could reach in and grab it with medical tongs, pulling it out and placing it upon the table, he would then pull out a bottle of disinfectant spray, spraying it on the wound, using a rag to clean it out.
* Bernieb He would then reach into his bag, pulling out a needle and some medical wiring, sewing up the load in a zig zag fashion.
* Bernieb would do the same process with the other bullet wound, then removing the tourniquet and pulling out an IV.
* Bernieb He would hook up the correct blood and a saline solution to the IV. He would wrap a band type thing around the unit's arm looking for a vein. He eventually finds one, he pushes it into a vein, pumping the correct blood type into the man's vein.
* Bernieb Would continue on to the other unit who from inspection wasn't very injured.
/it The bullet hole that they though was in his leg was just a twisted ankle and he was only skimmed by a bullet.
* Bernieb Would pull out a bottle of disinfectant spray, spraying it and cleaning it with a rag.
/it The unit would make a sound of discomfort.
* Bernieb He would then pull out a needle and medical wiring, sewing up the wound in a zig zag fashion.
/it The unit would make more groans and sounds of discomfort as he bites his teeth together in pain.
* Bernieb He finishes his work on the second unit.
Me: Stay off that ankle for a bit.
Union: Okay sir.
Me: Now get out of the med bay this table is going to be needed for more units.
Union: Copy.
* Bernieb Would then wait at the entrance, watching for more stretchers that are destined to come.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit:

It is very important because if you act poorly on an MPF unit it could quite possibly rub off on others, causing people to think it might be the norm, essentially ruining the cannon and the RP for everyone.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
It is important I get recruited over all of the other applicants because I believe with my experenice as MPF and in hl2rp overall I have the chance to better roleplay for not just members of the MPF but all the members of the community and to make the server and community an overall better place.

Taylor Sharlow
CiD: Taylor Sharlow, 79400
Brief physical description:
early thirties|6'0|brown hair (fade haircut)|hazel eyes|small scar on his right hand|malnourished build|standard blue UU jumpsuit|scuffed shoes|

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs):
Character Backstory: Character Backstory: Taylor was born in Pittsburgh to his parents Maria and Micheal. His dad was a doctor and his mother was in the marines. As a young
child his mother wasn't around often, although his father often told him about how his mother was a wonderful woman, serving his country. Although he
looked up to his mother, he often looked up to his father even more. He loved the tales his father would tell of saving peoples lives. He always wanted to be
a doctor, and this didn't change until he got to high school.

Taylor always loved school, he loved to succeed and he loved the praise he would get from his father and mother. He even went to seminars over the
summer to learn more about medicine, eventually he made his way to high school, he was sure he was going to succeed in all his classes, considering he had
done so well in the past. He was planning to take some sort of elective related to medicine, although when he got to high school his father urged him to go
into the High school Marine Junior Recruit training corps they had there, eventually Taylor gave in, doing as his father says.

While Taylor started MJRROTC he though he would hate it, but he soon realized that the feeling of succeeding increased as he joined, and his praise from
his father only got better. He started to love MJRROTC especially when his father told him to sign up for drill. He learned how to do several maneuvers,
winning several competitions for his MJRROTC program. In the program he learned manners, how the military worked, morals, and traditions. He even
learned why it was so important for military to be uniform. His life in the program only got better after the year of his second competition.

By the second year of him being in the program he was one of the best cadets involved, he had worked his way up to Staff sergeant. He had also earned
himself several ribbons and medals, when he walked down the hallways his uniform would be decorated in several ribbons, on these ribbons there are oak
leave clusters to indicate he had won the ribbon multiple times, and upon his shoulder he has a cord, indicating he was the cadet of the month. There was no
surprise when at the end of his second year he decided to go to M COLS leadership training camp. At this camp there were several different JRROTC
programs, here they teach you how to be a good leader, there he learned to be the leadership he needed to command several people, even under pressure.

Once he went back after his summer break for his third year of high school he had the leadership requirements to be an officer in his MJRROTC program.
He was immediately promoted to 2nd LT in his program at the first promotion/award ceremony of his third year. Him being an officer he was able to further
proceed threw the program. He even applied for west point his Junior year, he desperately hoped to be let in.

Taylor's success went on throughout his high school career until he graduated, leaving the MJRROTC program as a captain, he was proud of his progress
threw his high school career, he was proud of himself and his parents were proud of him. This was when he had to decide what he is going to do after high
school, his fate was quickly decided when he got accepted to west point.

Taylor learned out that he needed to know to be a good leader and how to do all the duties an officer would be expected of, although Taylor was set on joining the military, specifically the marines, he never lost his taste for medicine, studying it in west point.

About two weeks from his graduation from west point, after he had done all that he needed to for that day he decided to go off campus for a drink, going to the local pub. He sat there, drinking from his beer mug until a loud BOOM went off, the whole pub shook and his drink spilled, the TV displaying a football game went to the emergency alert system, although it quickly ceased when the power went out. Everyone quickly headed for the front door of the pub, including Sharlow, although he was in for a big surprise as he looked outside, for a huge portal had opened in the sky, there were explosions everywhere and where he could once look over and see his academy, full with all his friends he could now only see a crater. He stood there, stunned as he watched the smoke and debris rain down from the various explosions until he eventually is pulled back inside where the bartender led them all down into a small cellar, Taylor was standing in the back of all the people as they hid. Several agonizing minutes later he heard the loud sound of a door kicking open and the screams of the bartender who attempted to stay behind and protect his pub, shortly afterward the footsteps made there way to the cellar doors then BANG, a barrage of bullets came flying through, killing almost everyone in the cellar, Sharlow was on of the survivors. This is where he would remain until the end of the seven hour war.

Once the seven hour war had ended Sharlow was cycled around several differnt cities, for the first few he attempted to find his parents, but he eventually gave up, accepting that he would never find them in them.

This brings Sharlow to present day, although the combine have taken so much from him he has decided to sign up for the MPF, believing that there is no use in fighting them, so might as well join them and get the opportunity to do the things he enjoys, such as practicing medicine.

Why do you want to join the MPF: Because I wish to better not only myself or the MPF itself but the whole union, I feel I am not doing enough to help just sitting around and believe that if you give me a chance to support the union I can not only reach the expectations but exceed them.

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Taylor Sharlow's MPF application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Taylor Sharlow's MPF application   Taylor Sharlow's MPF application EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 6:30 pm

I like the bio a bit more than the roleplay example but overall the app is pretty good.
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Taylor Sharlow's MPF application
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