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 Abegail 'Abby' Brooks -- Journal

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PostSubject: Abegail 'Abby' Brooks -- Journal   Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:40 am

(i understand how bad this song is leave me alone im a hipster love me thanks edge)


Abegail 'Abby' Brooks

Family Name :: Brooks.

Mother's Maiden Name :: Lannister.

Birth Name :: Abegail.

Given Nickname :: Abby.

Height :: Around 5'5" / 1.62M.

Age :: Around 27-29.

Eye Colour :: Distinct Green.

Hair Colour :: Currently a orange, red-ish color. Closest to ginger.

Hair Style :: Commonly known as a ponytail, though it is worn long sometimes.

Demeanor :: Generally calm, however shy and quiet. Tends to keep to herself.

Known Faction Affiliation :: N/A.


"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Unknown.


A wise man once told me that having no worries is the key to happiness; and happiness is the key to life. That man died weeks later; but... I still live by those words today. Though it's impossible to shape my life in such a way they apply to me. My worries, my cares, are what makes me... me. As much as I try to forget everything, to not care, I can't. But maybe that's not such a bad thing. Maybe a sense of identity is just what I need. I'm getting along fine, I guess. What else could I ask for? I could be much worse off right now; I could be... I don't fucking know, I could be a spacefrog -- sentenced to a life of slavery, without knowing why; just for being me. At least I'm Abby; at least I have the ability to have cares and worries...

Some people perceive all this as bad; but, as much as I miss my old life, sometimes I can see the benefits in our current predicament. It feels so surreal to me, it feels like this can't be real life. But of course it is, so I must go with it. At least, I must try to go with it. Try and stay positive, try and make light of it. What do I miss the most? Huh... Surprisingly, I'd reply with music... I took music for granted back then, but now, when my life exempt from it, I regret that the most. Most people will say their parents, their girlfriend, their boyfriend, their spouse... or even their pets. But I don't know where my life is going without my music. Music was me before the war, and now it's gone. Whatever, Abby... making light, making light.

Huh... that's odd. I'm running out of ink. I guess I'll have to finish this quick... If it ever comes to it; someone will find this journal when I pass away. Maybe someone will know I existed. And knowing that humbles me somehow; I'm not sure how, but it does. Anyway, I guess I'll be off for now. Whenever I can find myself a new pen, I might continue this. For now, this is a thing. G'day.


"As a single human being, I believe I am literally completely unimportant and useless to any cause."


Give me some rope

Tie me to dream

Give me the hope 

to run out of steam

Somebody said

it could be here

We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year

I can't count the reasons I should stay

One by one they all just fade away


Somewhere, out there -- if love can see us through,

Then we'll be together, somewhere out there...

Out where dreams come true...


Traits / Abilities


Abby is a great thinker, and a fast learner. The girl having been interested in psychology since childhood. Almost scholar-like, she held every honour award possible through her highschool years.


Abby fortunately went through school as a rather popular girl, always having maintained a large group of her friends. With this, came great social skills. She is generally rather good at making friends, sometimes even seeming shy on purpose.


Abby has always been rather small. With this, comes being extremely fragile, however also fast, though she rarely needs to use this. These all work as pros and cons at times, and she manages to use them whenever she can to her advantage.


The woman tends to be extremely emotional, and her morale is never quite high. Rather rarely, the girl goes through seemingly random spurts of depression and tends to have trouble with relationships/significant others. This makes it extremely hard to maintain friendships, and associations.


Abby has always had a strong set of values, and when it comes to decision making, she's always had a hard time. She tends to hesitate when it comes to anything important, or anything that would break her set of values. She holds her morality close to her heart, however, and wouldn't betray it.


Abby has always been grossly bad at hand-to-hand, and firearms combat. She usually sorts things out with her words, but now-a-days, it's impossible to do that. This contributes to how helpless and nearly defenseless she is, and it's almost gotten her killed time and time again.


Abby suffers from a very minor case of Bipolar Disorder. It's almost unnoticable at times, and rarely includes anything life-changing, however it doesn't help with her spurts of depression and makes it very hard to keep up her already not-very-good morale.




Alex Brooker -- Friend. "He offered me his apartment when I had nowhere else, he's just the nicest guy I've ever met. He seems extremely chill, and I've enjoyed getting to know him. I'm looking forward to getting to know him more."

C45.MPF.VAMP-DvL.889 -- ??? "Guess she kind of fixed me up when I sprained my ankle. She seems nice enough, and unlike your standard, hardass Divisional you see every day. I doubt I'll meet her again, but if I do, I'd like to express my gratitude."

Travis Slayton -- Giant Nerd. "Seems like a giant fucking faggot. I've met him for a total of twenty minutes and I can already tell he's just the cockiest asshole ever. Some day you'll piss off the wrong person... some day."

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PostSubject: Re: Abegail 'Abby' Brooks -- Journal   Sun Nov 23, 2014 4:53 am


this is what happens when i try to write at 8 am after being up all night shhhhhhh
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Abegail 'Abby' Brooks -- Journal
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