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 Maya Katanaka

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PostSubject: Maya Katanaka   Maya Katanaka EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 12:51 am

OOC Section
Steam name: _Uno
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11924005
How long have you been part of the community?
Less than 3 Hours

How long have you been playing HL2RP?
Like, 2-3 years.

Have you ever been banned before?
Uh, not from HL2RP... But from a Sandbox server 7 years ago lol.

What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit?
Just to do something more productive, it gives me something to aim towards - Being a high-ranking Unit.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?
Several times as admin, co-owned a server once but it was mainly administrative stuff lol.

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist?
Yep, I've had CmD and I've reached Oh-Two and Oh-One on other servers.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit:
5"10 | Pristine HELIX Uniform | Oh-Five Armband | Standard Belt w/ Medkit | Polished Boots and Faceplate

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:
** C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 enters the Med-Bay looking at the unconscious Oh-Three JUDGE Unit on the Examination Table, glancing at the low-ranking HELIX Unit attending.
** C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 looks at the JUDGE unit as they hear the Med Bay door hiss open "<:: S-sir!" saluting promtly.
C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 says "<:: The OfC wants to know what the damage is, Oh-Five. ::>"
** C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 lowers his salute looking "<:: Err, it seems to be blunt trauma along the spine and shoulder area... F-from uh... Blunt ... weapons. ::>"
** C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 rolls their eyes behind their faceplate, letting out an irritated sigh "<:: Are you able to fix them is what I meant, Oh-Five. ::>"
** C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 nods hesitantly "<:: Y-yes... ::>"
** C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 takes a deep breath, folding his arms as he assumes an authoritative stance "<:: Well, begin. ::>"
C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 says "<:: Y-yes, sorry, s-sir... At once! ::>"
** Average Med-RP happens and after some time the procedure is completed **
** C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 leans back, taking a short breath "<:: Uh... Done... ::>"
** C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 looks at the bandaging, seeming skeptical at the procedure "<:: Will this Unit be able to serve immediately? ::>"
** C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910's brow furrows slightly "<:: N.. No, because the ... bones need time to ... umm ... heal. ::>"
C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 says "<:: Pfft, fine. ::>" grabbing their Radio.
C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 radios "<:: Unit is expected to be able to 10-8 in two weeks time. ::>"
C8.MPF-JUDGE.OfC.80896 radios "<:: 10-4. ::>"
C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 says "<:: T-two weeks? I.. It could take months! ::>"
C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 says "<:: Not my problem, you should have done a better job, Unit. ::>"
** C8.MPF-JUDGE.02.33732 marches out of the Med Bay
** C8.MPF-HELIX.05.11910 watches the JUDGE unit leave the Med Bay, muttering under their breath "<:: Stupid barbarians... Don't they know how bones work only how to break them... ::>"

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit:
Because acting like poorly reflects not only poorly on the server, but on the MPF and a bad influence can corrupt others to behave poorly as well.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
Because I rarely ever misbehave or act out of character, additionally I'm a huge fan of the Union, ICly and OOCly xD.

IC Section:
Name: Maya Katanaka
CiD: 81733
Brief physical description: Asian|5"3|Black Ponytail With Bangs | BrownEyes | ScarBelowLeftEye.

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs):
Long Biography:

TL;DR Multi-Lingualist with a misanthropic personality, fiance was killed by a man who she later tracked down and murdered (causing her to have nightmares) - fleeing to America where she worked briefly before being arrested and jailed for murder, at which point the Combine came and gave everyone a second chance.

Why do you want to join the MPF:
I've generally kept to myself but other Citizens would try and talk to me on a regular basis, which I don't enjoy and so when I was given an Application Form, I decided that I would rather help the Union and distance myself from the idiots within the City.
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PostSubject: Re: Maya Katanaka   Maya Katanaka EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 1:18 am

Accepted, I guess. Not exactly amazing, however.

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PostSubject: Re: Maya Katanaka   Maya Katanaka EmptySun Nov 23, 2014 1:20 am

Yeah I was reading the other applications and mine definitely fell short in terms of RP Example length, though I have a longer example from another site which I can grab because usually I feel my applications tend to go a bit overboard when there's creative writing involved lol.

Previous MPF Application:
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Maya Katanaka
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