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 Server rules

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PostSubject: Server rules   Mon Nov 10, 2014 2:14 pm

1. You may not RDM. Do not kill another character without a good reason, and you must be able to explain to an administrator how you had a valid reason if asked.

2. You may not metagame, or in other words, use information acquired Out-of-Character (OOC) In-Character (IC.).

3. When your character is killed, you must follow the 'New Life Rule'; you forget twenty minutes prior to your death and all the most recent events before the death.

4. Do not attempt to kill another character by using props as it will result in a permanent ban.

5. You may not spam in any way, whether it is by using the chat, spawning props, or anything else.

6. You may not cheat in any way, nor use exploits in the gamemode to receive special benefits or bother other players.

7. You must use the chat system in a correct way. You may not write OOC messages in the IC chat etc.

8. You may not disconnect from the server or change character to avoid roleplay.

9. You may not prop-spam, prop-push, prop-fly, prop-block, prop-climb or build anything that other people find disturbing.

10. Your character's physical description must be in full English.

11. You may not abuse your whitelist.

12. Your character is not over-powered and must have both strengths and weaknesses like everybody else.

13. You may not disrespect the server staff, as their decisions are the final decisions.

14. You aren't required to roleplay fear, but be reasonable. Your characters have fears like every normal human being.

15. The server is always S2M (Shoot to Miss) meaning, purposely miss your shots, unless both parties fighting agree to S2K (Shoot to Kill), and it must be discussed before the engagement begins, if the engagement is definitely going to
happen. SA's may turn a s2m situation into s2k with good reason. If you continuously s2k in a s2m engagement, don't expect the other party to be hesitant to return the favor. Sniper RP is always S2K, but you must /me actions before shooting. The party with the sniper may S2M if they so desire.

16. You must always try to use proper grammar. Type properly and use correct grammar at all times to keep it professional and realistic.

17. You must have a proper character name. Names that are relevant to the Half Life 2 story line must receive authorization from a Super Administrator. You may not have famous people's names or have weird names such as Ben Dover.

18. You must roleplay injuries, even during S2M. When you are shot in your leg, your character will not be able to run, etc.

19. This server is Play to Lose, The roll command is purely for gambling and other similar in-character situations. During a combat situation, both parties may agree to use the roll system, but only then will it be allowed. If one party does not agree, it is forced P2L.

20. You may not mingegrab. Use a /me and roleplay properly when taking an item.

21. You may not abuse broadcasters or advertisements.

22. Cybering (ERP - Erotic Role Play) is permitted.

23. You may be somewhat of a racist in-character, but if it becomes so severe to the point of general mingery, you will be asked to stop or may be punished.

24. If you have a weapon equipped, everyone can see it. To hide your weapon, you must always use your inventory and never your physical description.

25. People who argue and whine on the server will be banned. If you want to bring up criticism, you should do it in the right section on the forums in a formal and professional manner.

26. You may not transfer money or items between your own characters.

27. Do not abuse your physgun, toolgun or prop spawning abilities in any way, or you will lose your ability to have them.

28. Voiding a situation requires an administrator's approval. (An RP situation. Typing something stupid IC then voiding in LOOC may not be tolerated by some admins, so be careful of who you do this around.

29. Do not commit a crime if you do not have enough time to roleplay its consequences.

30. NLR (New life rule) in this server is that unless death is completely unavoidable (amputation for instance) you are able to have avoided death narrowly but have heavy injuries of the same nature that killed you in your previous life. However you may only use this three times before a permanent kill. You may also use traditional NLR where everything that happened that lead up to your death and your death itself was a different guy all together. You may not remember anything that happened if you choose this option.

31. Cross Character Information is literally metagame.
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Server rules
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