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 Masreya21 Vortigaunt application

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Masreya21 Vortigaunt application Empty
PostSubject: Masreya21 Vortigaunt application   Masreya21 Vortigaunt application EmptySat Nov 22, 2014 12:43 pm

Steam name: Masreya21

How long have you been part of the community?: A day I guess

How long have you been playing HL2RP?: Maybe about 6 months

Have you ever been banned before? If so, how many servers have you been banned from?: Never been banned

What motivates you to want to become a Vortiguant?: Vortigaunt is a very unique character to roleplay and in my opinion is the best whitelist  

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?: I was a SA of a server called CBG before it died and a server called Orwell before it also died.

Do you have any past experience with the Vortiguant?: I had a enslaved vortigaunt character on CBG

Give a detailed description of a Vortiguant: Vortigaunts are a Xen species that were former slaves of Nihilanth on the border worlds. Following the  Resonance Cascade and the defeat of Nihilanth the vortigaunts were free from enslavement for a short period. After the Combine invasion and the 7 hour war the vortigaunt were once again enslaved but now to the Combine. A vortigaunt's skin color is of a dark green complexion. A vortigaunt's head is has four red glowing eyes, one eye in the center is big while there are three smaller one over his giant eye. Under there eye are visible teeth because of a vortigaunt's mouth has an overbite. A vortigaunt's body looks like a normal humans body except the fact that a vortigaunt body is hunched forward and has a third hand on his chest. A vortigaunts leg is back jointed which makes walking and running awkward. A big feature of a vortigaunt is the use of "vortessence" which is how the vortigaunts communicate and use there powers. Although the vortigaunt don't just have infinite power and need to meditate to recharge.  

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use the Vortigaunt: (Here is some enslaved rp) ** The CP would wave his right hand over the Combine Lock unlocking the door holding a broom with his left hand, he then would open the door with his right hand and would throw the broom to the vortigaunt with his left hand and says ''Pick that up. . .And move it. . .We are going to clean the 45th."
** .The vort would extend his right arm to the floor where the broom is at and would pick it up with his right hand, he would nod to the CP and would start to follow him.
** The CP closes the door behind the vortigaunt, and walks out of the nexus with the Vortigaunt. He looks around the plaza, looking for spots to clean out there, before heading into the 45th apartments and heading into one of the room, "Clean this, Spotless. I think you'll know what happens if it isn't."
** The Vortigaunt would head into the room along with the Unit still holding the broom with his right hand, he would start to look at the dirty floor and would start to use the broom on the floor getting all the dirty stuff into one place to throw it in the trash shortly after he is done.
** The CP would come back inside the apt when the Vortigaunt is finished, and looking around. He shakes his head and kicks the pile of dirty stuff he had, "Terrible. Do It again."
**The Vortigaunt would look at the Unit and says ''Y-yes. . .Master. . .'' and he would look down at the dust, that the Unit made kicking the pile of dirty stuff, he would use the broom agaisnt the dirty stuff and the dust to get it all in one place, this time he would do it quicker and more carefully, as if he wasn't trying to mess up.
**The CP laughs a lot as he watches the Vortigaunt clean it all back up, and nods, "That's good... Enough." He scoofs, and heads towards the door, "Throw that pile away and we're out.
**The Vortigaunt would use the broom agaisnt the pile of dust and dirty stuff getting it closer and closer to the trash, he would throw the dirty pile of dust along with the stuff that was on the ground inside the trash and would say to the Unit ''The task is completed master. . .This on shall clean the windows?''
**The CP laughs again and shakes his head, "Not today, You've had enough sunlight. Back to your cell." He says, heading towards the nexus.
**The Vortigaunt would nod to the Unit and says ''Yes master. . .'' as he holds the broom with both of his hands as he follows the Unit heading towards the nexus.
** The CP heads to the cell and opens the door for the Vort, unlocking it with a swipe of his hand, "Come on, Get in."
** The Vortigaunt would hand the broom back to the Unit with his right hand saying ''Here master. . .This one believes that this one would not need it for now. . .''
** The CP nods as he takes the broom, and sets it aside. Close and locking the door behind the vort with a swipe of his hand, walking off.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as a Vortiguant: The vortigaunt can be complex to roleplay and can be easily abused using the SWEP

Describe a Vortigaunt's mentality: This really can matter. Certain enslaved vortigaunts could be beaten into submission very badly that it makes them truly believe that the Combine are there masters while most want to freedom and usually if can, will join the resistance. They are very intelligent and peaceful for the most part.

How would a Vortigaunt go about being faced with a large enemy?: If they are by them-self fighting said enemy they would most likely try to escape.

Briefly Describe "Flux Shifting": Flux shifting is how vortigaunts communicate with each other

What do the shackles and cuffs do on an Enslaved vortigaunt?: The cuffs prevent the vortigaunt from using vortessence and the shackles explode, effectively killing the vortigaunt if the said vortigaunt enters the slums.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?:
Nothing really that actually does make me more important
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Masreya21 Vortigaunt application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Masreya21 Vortigaunt application   Masreya21 Vortigaunt application EmptySat Nov 22, 2014 12:52 pm

You know your stuff, so it seems.
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Masreya21 Vortigaunt application
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