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 Metal head housing/plating guide.

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Metal head housing/plating guide. Empty
PostSubject: Metal head housing/plating guide.   Metal head housing/plating guide. EmptyThu Dec 25, 2014 5:18 pm

I've noticed the metal head housing/plating has started to appear in the roleplay and there's a lot of things I've seen people try to do with it, that would not happen. (Not here, but in other servers countless times.) So to prevent an argument before it happens, i'm creating this guide to let you know exactly how you should react when being shot in the head while wearing either.

Full housing (Covers back and front of head): If you are shot by any caliber of weapon, your housing would act as a church bell surrounding your head and the intense impact would cause a deafening ring and blur your vision, not to mention the impact may fracture your skull causing disorientation. All of these effects combined render you practically useless for at least up to 30 seconds. Granted you will most likely survive, you don't want to have full housing unless you have someone to cover you in case you get shot, so you can recover before the enemy can get to you.

Face plating: Due to this only covering your face and having a smaller radius, it won't cause the deafening ring and the blurry vision won't last as long. Upon impact of any caliber of weapon, the effects of the impact will give your vision a slightly strong blur for about 5-10 seconds, and the impact may fracture your skull, causing a strong pain, and slight disorientation.

And of course with any bullet resistant material, it does not absorb all the impact, so you aren't a walking tank that can shrug off bullets with this, they will still cause your head/body to snap back, because all of the inertia is being transferred from the bullet to you.

This guide is not up for discussion, that is why it is locked.

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Metal head housing/plating guide.
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