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 Black market dealer

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PostSubject: Black market dealer   Black market dealer EmptyWed Dec 24, 2014 11:47 am

Its come to my attention that the server isn't enough like Darkrp. So I'm currently organizing a bmd event where a black market dealer comes to town with a limited stock of hard to get items. This character will be short lived but may return if the event goes according to plan and may even be allowed to be permanent if the reaction is good enough. However any abuse of the character will be met with it being taken away. With that out of the way, lets begin.

How long have you been with the community?:
What whitelists do you currently have?:
Have you ever had 'V' or 'v' flags in a server before?:
If you answered yes to the above, what is your experience with being a black market dealer?
Please give a detailed roleplay example of a citizen buying a gun in the slums but not having enough tokens (min 15 actions)
Please give a detailed roleplay example of an established rebel attempting to rob the black market dealer(min 15 actions)

Telling the whole story makes it boring.
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Black market dealer
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