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 <::| Unit 14545 Journal Log |::>

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Lamar The Crocodile
Lamar The Crocodile

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PostSubject: <::| Unit 14545 Journal Log |::>   Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:22 pm

UNIT: 14545

Enter Password: ************

Connecting to Network

New Log Opened:

<::[{TRANSLATION: Polish - English}]::>

Well, I lived the first day of my recruitment! Which I can and will say it was very awkward passing by the same unit who's beaten the tar out of me yesterday before I was accepted. After I was accepted, I've been just sitting in the Nexus reviewing notes and guides on different violations, different levels of contraband, punishment when apprehending a suspect. While I was sitting in the cafeteria, a VAMP unit, specifically an 05 tried to spark up a conversation with me, I just gave him the typical head nod, I was still going over notes at the time and trying to extend my English vocabulary. So, I gave him the occasional "Yup, yup" when he was talking. I unfortunately don't know how to speak certain words in the English language, but I understand quite a bit of it. Especially after being sent off into B.S.S., and to say, I'm extraordinarily glad that I found an English dictionary handbook, with the assistance of a hulking Prospekt unit beating me into submission and cramming words in my throat. Once the Vamp unit left. That is when I met up with the GRID.OfC unit, they were honestly great, for the first units to finally take the time from their standard tasks and bring me into the first step into training - despite the fact I already knew how to shoot. But because of my damned eye, I didn't do as good. And it was painful trying to concentrate with a swollen, enormous knot just camping out on the top of your eye, throbbing each time your eye rolls to the direction you desire for it to see. I've told them that I also went over to a handful of notes before training on the basic punishments for citizens if caught for wrongful doing. Needless to say, I'm sure they were pleased to know I was most likely a step ahead compared to most recruiting units. Then, the Commander arrived. Honestly, my heart sank when he stepped inside, for anything I performed could have been my fatal flaw. I said nothing rather than a salute to him, he steps over to one of the slots in the firing range, took his massive hand-cannon revolver and shot it though it were just a peashooter BB-Gun. I would most likely dislocate my wrists if I had to fire that thing. He emptied out his empty rounds onto the floor and told me to pick each one up from the ground. So I did, and in the process, he forced a hand on the back of my neck, I tried to stand up but it was absolutely futile underneath his grip. The commander asked "Do you like being under me?" Being lost for words, it took me a while to respond, and luckily this was the right response, I said "Yes, sir.", he says "Good, you'll get used to it." before sending me on my way out of the firing range.

Honestly enough, it was bone chilling to say the least. Welcome to the team.

<:: || ASDF text ||::>

Saving File As: uu.First_Day

Saving File...
Saving File...
Saving File...
File Saved

Disconnecting C45.MPF.NULL-RCT.145
Console Shut Down.
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<::| Unit 14545 Journal Log |::>
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