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 Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application

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PostSubject: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:39 pm

GRID DvL Application sheet
Steam name: _Uno
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:11924005
How long have you been part of the community? 2-3 weeks.
How long have you been playing HL2RP? 18-25 months, though I suppose it would be 19-26 months now.

Have you ever been banned before?
Yep and it was a permanent ban from 7 years ago on a Sandbox server because I unknowingly called the server owner a noob. But I don't make a habit of getting banned, typically I always abide by the rules and avoid meta.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server? Yep, several times, but I'm only going to count the times on HL2RP - GH, KindOfSerious and SocialExperience[/color]

What motivates you to want to become the GRID DvL?
To be frank, I'm annoyed with the behaviour of other Divisions Units and so, having an OfC ranked Unit I had hoped to correct some of the behaviour, granted - As strict as possible - Which in turn would make the Units learn from their mistakes (Both ICly and OOCly)

Do you have any past experience with running a division within the MPF?
I've written several guides for previous servers which would overlook how the entire MPF would run, as it outlined how and when Rations would be done, leaving no detail to chance.

Previously, I've also held 2 Commander positions on successful HL2RP servers so I believe that I've definitely got what it takes to keep a Division and it's Units in line.

Give a detailed description what a divisional is supposed to do:
Divisionals are what their subordinates look up to, they are a beacon of what it's like to serve the Union and function as a rolemodel for many of the other high-ranking Units.

They aren't responsible for patrolling, they will issue their Division Units to patrol in their stead.

You do not get to see the Divisional unless it is important, such as a promotion or a report of Unit Failure which is being investigated - Because the Divisional has to take time off from their IC duties, which would include filing reports and unit behaviour to the CmD and SeC.

The Divisional is also not reponsible for training, it is why OfCs and EpUs are responsible for that, no unit is worth the Divisionals time unless they are reporting something significant and worthy of the Divisionals attention.

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would interact with a lower ranked unit.
Hanz Kronig radios "I wish to begin a City-Wide clean."
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 radios "<:: 10-4. All idle GRID Units, report to Nexus Lobby."
** After several moments, the Nexus Lobby is filled with 4 low-ranking GRID Units and an Oh-Two, who remembers to salute - The other low-ranking Units immediately catch on and salute the Divisional.
** MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 looks at the group of Units "<:: Magnifique." She says in a sarcastic tone "<:: Now, you're going to be in groups of two to ensure that the Citizens continue to do their job. If a single Citizen attacks another Unit, I want them to be immediately neutralised, by shooting them in the thigh and then bring them in to Detainment."
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 points at the Oh-Two "<:: You will be in charge of coordinating it, if there are any failures I want a full report. These Citizens are going to be expected to clean this city without fail, and if they don't I want you to remind them that they will go without Rations, are we clear?"
MPF-GRID.02.98472X says "<:: Crystal clear, sir."
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 nods, reaching for her Radio.
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 radios "<:: Begin the announcement, Administrator."
** MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 gestures for the Units to leave "<:: Move it!" Walking back to the GRID Office.

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing your ability to handle insubordinate units.
** Several footsteps echo through Detainment, an Oh-Three JUDGE and a tied Citizen suspected of conspiracy.
MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX radios "<:: Possible malignant Citizen detained, beginning interrogation."
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 radios "<:: Copy."
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX tosses the Citizen into the Interview room "<:: Get in." Following behind them and closing the door, unclipping their Stunstick as they raise their foot to kick the Citizen in the stomach
** Damien Hark is kicked in the stomach by the Oh-Three's boot, a hefty "OOF" being produced as he collapses to the ground "Wh-what do you want?" He pleads
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX changes the voltage to HIGH on his Stunstick before raising it over his head "<:: What do you think I want to know? ::>" Striking the Citizen with their Stunstick
** Damien Hark pleads "I-I don't even know... P-please, wh-" tensing up as the Stunstick strikes him on the shoulder "Ff.... uck...."
MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX says "<:: TELL ME!"
** Damien Hark whimpers as he looks up at the Oh-Three, his eyes frantically searching for an answer "I... I don't know... J-just please... L.. let me go..."
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX scoffs, reaching for their Radio "<:: Divisional, Citizen is non-compliant. Requesting permission for Advanced Re-Education."
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 radios "<:: Denied."
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX grits his teeth as he radios "<:: 10-4."
** Several moments pass and the GRID Oh-Three continues to proceed with the adv. re-education, disregarding the Divisionals orders, during which time the Divisional has approached the Interview room and has been watching for several moments.
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX finishes severing the Citizens Index and Pinkie finger "<:: You /WILL/ tell me what you know, Citizen." He demands, clutching his service knife in his hand.
** Damien Hark screams in pain as his fingers are cut off "F-FUCK! LET ME OUT YOU FU-FUCKING LUNATIC!" Tears streaming down his face as he begins to scream for help
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX laughs coldly "Help you..? Haha. Nobody is coming to sav-"
** MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 kicks down the door to the Interrogation room, immediately trying to grab the Oh-Three by the neck "<:: I DID NOT GIVE PERMISSION FOR ADVANCED RE-EDUCATION, DID I?"
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX is lifted off the ground by his throat as he coughs "<:: N-no sir..." gagging afterwards
** Damien Hark looks over to the Divisional "Th-thank you..."
** MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 ignores the Detainee as her eyes narrow on the JUDGE's faceplate "<:: Insubordination. Disobeying orders." She snarls "<:: You're pathetique, Oh-Three." tossing him to the side and unholstering her Pistol, flicking the Safety off and aiming it at the Oh-Three's head.
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 radios "<:: DvL-505, deservicing reckless Unit. J-717 demonstrating insubordinate and reckless behaviour."
** MPF-JUDGE.03.71732XX fires his SMG at the Divisional "<:: I DID MY JOB!"
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 is struck by three of the SMG rounds in her torso before firing a single shot into the Oh-three's skull, breathing heavily as she looks over to the Detainee, sluggishly reaching for her radio.
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 radios "<:: DvL-505 r.. requesting VAMP... 10-20... Interview Room... 10-99..."
MPF-GRID.DvL.50519 slumps to the ground, continuing to bleed out.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately as the GRID Divisional:
An authoritive figure such as the Divisional needs to act appropriately all the time because the slightest OOC stupidity (IE, crab-walking) can negatively influence the other players, additionally the Divisional must be strict and always keep the Union and it's ideals in mind, but also consider why a Unit may have disregarded a procotol at the time.

The Divisional is responsible for ensuring that Units get promoted because they deserve it, through hard work and knowledge, not because of OOC favouritism.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
As I applied for the Commander position, though was unsuccessful, I believe the Divisional position would be just as good, namely because having my OfC as a CmD scares me.
Additionally I also plan to make several reforms regarding the Violation and Contraband listing as I feel it is slightly outdated (With permission, ofcourse)

Are you able to preform as a forum moderation as you will be responsible for the GRID section of the forum?
I'm the second most active member on the forum, I would love to have a reason to post on it to encourage players and their Units to provide IC and OOC feedback on issues regarding the direction of GRID.

Do you already have the MPF whitelist?
Indeed I do.

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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:23 pm

I think Uno can handle the Grid.DvL position well. I really don't care who gets it, as long as they are experienced/mature and active. +Support.

Edit: Also, I would like a strict DvL. Smile

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Cpt. Ashe Harding
Cpt. Ashe Harding

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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:25 pm


Are we rushing in, or are we going Sneeki Breeki?

-C45.MPF.HELIX.OfC.20199 [Online]: Wishing she could become the DvL, trying to work her ass off to prove her worth.
-Chelsea Lockheed, 'Stitch-face' [Alive]: Still serving Hastur, practicing rituals.
-Richard Hawker, 'That Old Guy' [Alive]: Wondering if he can get into Gwen Reijui's pants with his 'charm and good looks'.

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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:05 am

+Support , The app is great but missing a couple questions other than that, the competition of the DvL slot obviously has one superior
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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:45 pm

Despite the first example being somewhat short compared to the second, I don't see any flaws in your application that would make me -support it in any way. There may be small ones here and there, but a few errors are all right, as long as they are minor ones.

So, I've decided to +support
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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Sat Dec 20, 2014 2:49 pm

Yeah, I know the first example is really brief, but I feel that it was important to demonstrate how a DvL would coordinate his Units without ever having to leave the Nexus.

In regards to the second one, it's a bit longer and it deals with an insubordinate unit from another Division because originally I was going to have a GRID Unit interrogating the Citizen, but I felt it wasn't proper, so I made it a JUDGE Unit with 2 BMs making the amputation (after receiving 2 Unit Failures) more justified.

In general the Divisional shouldn't leave Nexus unless it's absolutely necessary.
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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:41 pm

+support, beautiful application. I know Uno has experience as this position and it would suit him well.
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PostSubject: Re: Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application   

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Uno's GRID (FUCK HELIX) Divisional Application
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