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 Lamar's MPF Application

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Lamar The Crocodile
Lamar The Crocodile

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PostSubject: Lamar's MPF Application   Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:09 pm

OOC Section

Steam name: Thomas the Dank Engine
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:26044453
How long have you been part of the community? About a couple months.

How long have you been playing HL2RP? Roughly 2.5 years.

Have you ever been banned before? On a few other servers, yes. This one, no.

What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit? To step up, enhance, and encounter challenges for RolePlay.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server? Without naming servers, I've been a super admin, admin and basic operator.

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist? Yes. Plenty.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit: |Average Height|Polished, White Gasmask|Bulky Build|Standardized Civil Protection Gear|<insert division and rank> Armband|Standard Issue Stunstick|

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:

** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 would march through the plaza, staying alert and aware of his surroundings.
** Hank Hill would walk along, bumping into the unit's shoulder forcefully, upon collision he stumbles back. Blurting out "Hey! Watch it, y'jackass!"
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 instantaneously, he reaches at his stunstick, flickering it up to a fairly high level of voltage. It sparks to life as he hollers "What did you just say?!" at the man.
** Hank Hill appears to be teeming with rage, he hollers back "I'm fed up with this crap, I'll tell ya h'wat!" his legs are spread and bent, arms outward and a pair of balled fists at his side. He'd be at a hostile stance. He'd yell again "All y'do is push us around, beat us, restrain us, n' strip us away from our dignity n' humanity! Well I ain't gonna tolerate that, I'll tell ya h'wat!"
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 yells out, raising his stunstick as he approaches the source of disruption, "Face the wall! Do it now, hillbilly!"
** Hank Hill emits a terrified yell, noticing he would be overpowered and intimidated by the approaching unit. "BwaaAAAAAAAAaah!" Immediately, he turns to his right, dashing to the wall, doing as he is told. His palms slapping against the wall.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 keeps his stunstick raised up in the air and ready for any thing the man would commit. Slowly walking over, starting to reach for his hands and placing them behind his back, preparing to tie them.
** Dale Gribble would sprint all the way across the plaza, inhaling his cigarette in the process, yelling "Haaaaaank!" and suddenly lifting himself a few feet from the ground, his legs launch out and proceed to forcefully kick the unit as he is in the process of seizing Hank Hill. He falls on his ass.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 would be heavily affected by this, causing him to stagger to his right, four feet away from his target. He raises his stunstick again, high in the air as he walks forward. He approaches Dale Gribble and suddenly swings his stunstick across his jaw with enough force to maybe knock him out with one swing.
** Dale Gribble jerks his head to the side with the force of the stunstick delivered across his face, sending his aviator sunglasses off his face and across the street. He emits a loud grunt, pulsating energy would affect his brain and the blow in the noggin, causing his head to fall back to the ground. Eyes closed though he were in a blissful sleep despite the enormous burn and bruise on his jaw.
** Hank Hill screams out "Damn it, Dale!" having to witness his friend being incapacitated by the patrol unit.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 regains his composure, he tightens the grip of the stunstick and walks over to Hank Hill, he would attempt to bring both of his hands back behind him, attempting to tie him.
** Hank Hill wouldn't resist, accepting his fate as the unit binds both of his hands together.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 tightens the strong plastic ties around the wrists of the Texan. He starts to pat him from his shoulders to his ankles. To his surprise after reaching in both of pockets, he notices a card that shows the logo of a company that reads "Strickland Propane"  he examines further to notice that the card shows a photographic identification of the suspect up against the wall, that shows "[Name]: Hill, Hank" and "Level 4: Clearance". He nods, pocketing the card for later evidence.
C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 says "Apply."
** Hank Hill gulps as he states reluctantly,
Hank Hill says "Hank Hill, 35141."
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 nods, beginning to rapidly type down the data on his PDA, located on his left armband. Inputting new information.
** Dale Gribble would lift his head up slowly in an agonizing groan, his eyes narrow as he examines his surroundings.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 immediately, he would turn around and deliver his right, forceful boot to Dale Gribble's head.
** Dale Gribble falls out could instantly again, falling to the ground.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 turns back to Hank Hill as he states "Suspect prepare to face civil judgement!" flickering his stunstick back on, hovering it over Hank's head.
** Hank Hill emits another loud yell "BwaaAaaaAh!" as he flinches. Shutting his eyes.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 swings the baton unto Hank's head, beating him senselessly until Hank falls to the ground with his friend, Dale.
** Hank Hill would stumble up against the wall, eventually sliding down to the pavement as he remains limp and tied.
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 would begin to step on boot on top of Dale Gribble's back, starting to bring both of his hands behind his back, given how he is unconscious, this is easy for him to tie him. Tightly wrapping the zip-ties around each wrist, patting him head to toe. He stops at his pockets, feeling an object underneath. He digs his gloved hand into Dale's pocket, pulling out a pack of prewar Marlboro's. As he smirks behind his mask.
C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 says "Assault on a protection unit and you happen to own these? That'll add to your record once I get you to wake up."
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 clutches on to the arms of both unconscious men, beginning to drag them across the ground and into the Nexus. Grunting with effort.
C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 radios in "Detaining two men, one identified as Hank Hill, charged with two counts of Level-Two Audio Violations, 10-107M, Public Malcompliance. The other man has yet to be identified. Anyways, I'm bringing him in for Attempted Policide, possession of Level-One Contraband - Cigarettes."
C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 radios in "Judge, can you get the capped one to apply. I'm off to another patrol route, as you interrogate them."
** C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 would toss the two men into separate, empty cells. Locking the doors shut. He turns around back to the main entrance of the Nexus, radioing in:
C45.MPF-GRID.01.12345 radios in "Returning to 10-50. Protection Complete."

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit: As member of law enforcement, it is prior to be on best behavior and obeying your higher ranks. You are to protect and serve your community, and are especially responsible for apprehending and punishing breakers of the law in your community.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants? It isn't important whether I am recruited over other applicants, however with put forth effort and my assets, I believe I would make a great part of the team.

IC Section:

Name: Markus Feliks Bryniarski
CiD: 24962
Brief physical description:|5'11"|Early 20s|Fit, Lean Frame|Polish Accent|Black Beanie|Very Short, Platinum Blonde Hair|Light Pale Skin|

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs):

Markus Feliks Bryniarski was born in Brześć, Poland in the month of September. Born in his own, beat down home in one of the slums of Brześć. There, he was raised with his impoverished family, two sisters, and two older brothers, a mother who has passed away during labor with Markus, and his German father, in which Monika, (his mother) was never married to Agrippa (His father). During the time, Markus never knew his mother and was constantly harassed, teased, and beaten by his siblings in his family. However, Markus did develop a close bond with his German father, Agrippa, who told him many stories of his ancestry, especially Agrippa's grandfather who was a high ranking officer in the Waffen-Schutzstaffel and a dear close friend to the infamous Heinrich Himmler. Markus grew an interest towards the idea of ethnocentrism at a fairly young age being taught by his father, Agrippa. Growing up in a Jewish community, it was hard enough gaining friendship of others rather than being at a close bond with his father, especially taught to hate the Jewish community, and other minorities that are not of German or Polish heritage.

Markus dropped out of highschool at age 16 where he fled from his home in enormous determination to move to Kraków. A city far from home in order to find his people, people in which share the idea and knowledge and passion for the idea of neo-fascism. It was not hard for him to search for his people once made it to Kraków. Upon arrival, was a Polish Far-Right Wing Political Rally, people circling around the idea of fascism marching in a parade. Markus then participated in marching along in the Rally, he listened to powerful spokespeople spread their idea and speech of chauvinism, xenophobia and hatred of left-wing politics. While Markus attends these Rallies each day, he later becomes affiliated to a neo-nazi gang. Heavily influenced in drug dealing, arms dealing, muggings and even cases of terrorist attacks. At age 18, Markus has been arrest twice for possession of narcotics, and even suspected in a hate crime. Involving him and four friends of his that violently killed a 23 year old Spanish Exchange student, the group brutally mutilating him with cleavers and machetes. The day he was sentenced was also the day the Seven Hour War struck earth.

After Earth's surrender to the Union. Markus transferred from Kraków Poland to City 45, a refined, former desolated city somewhere in Western Russia. Markus never learned English rather than understanding basic English. It was not long until Markus was detained, upon the MPF's discovery, Markus could not speak English or understand it precisely. The Union shipped him off into a distant location into B.S.S.. There he was to be re-educated and was taught English by force. Each day he was beaten into submission by the authorities for two months, giving him time to think and re-evaluate his past events in which to this day, have yet to be punished for the crimes he has done.

Why do you want to join the MPF: {Translated:} "I wish to join the Metropolice Force to protect, serve, and participate in enforcing the Combine Law in my community for City 45, as before the war I was destined to do. I also will perform what it takes to keep order and civil just in my community, ridding any unfit and menacing dangers to citizens, the MPF, and most importantly, the Union."
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PostSubject: Re: Lamar's MPF Application   Tue Dec 16, 2014 12:21 pm

+1 I've RP'd with Lamar with our characters being Friends, Foes and neutral - I definitely think the MPF would benefit from somebody like him within it, so long as he joins GRID Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Lamar's MPF Application   Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:01 pm

oh shit he applied

known him a long time good rper, good friend

+support if it means anything from me

Filip O'Phelan - Hoping his friends don't die again, trying to live life away from the bottle.

Helix.01.forgotdigits - Wondering who the next divisional will be, and hoping he won't be a total ass.

CmD.77767 - Enjoying the transfer and the tranquility of the city so far, waiting for the next 'band of thugs' he'll have to go after.
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PostSubject: Re: Lamar's MPF Application   Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:15 pm

>hank hill

Telling the whole story makes it boring.
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PostSubject: Re: Lamar's MPF Application   Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:41 pm

Acidic_TACO wrote:
>hank hill

Telling the whole story makes it boring.
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PostSubject: Re: Lamar's MPF Application   

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Lamar's MPF Application
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