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 Drug dealer application

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Drug dealer application Empty
PostSubject: Drug dealer application   Drug dealer application EmptySat Dec 06, 2014 4:16 pm

Steam name: TheFreshPrinceOfNewYork
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:49381279
Character name: Carlos Cruz
Skills/items requested: Ability to bring in a supply of drugs/alcohol and sell them.

Reasoning for said skills/items: Having a drug dealer character can increase the variety of rp that can happen. Drug trafficking, high rp, drug busts etc.

Backstory or bio related to obtaining said skills/items:
Carlos lived in the dark corners of the slums in city45 ever since the Union invasion. He stayed out of sight for most of the time, only venturing out of the slums to recieve his rations and other rare reasons. He was however, somewhat social. He developed relations with various shady people in the slums, mostly in the bars and old apartment buildings. He spent most of his time hanging around his buddies, occasionally getting into fights with people and drinking in their apartments. One day, while standing around in an alley, Carlos overheard his other buddies speaking about drug supplier that was apparently a close friend of one of them. He realized it should make him a decent amount of tokens and, after some convincing, got his friends to create a contact between him and the supplier. After meeting with the mysterious supplier, he was given access to order in shipments of drugs and alcohol to sell on the streets of city45. He now searches for potential customers in the alleys, bars and shops of the slums district.

A brief roleplay example of said skills/items being used:

**Carlos stays idle in the dark alley, leaning against a cold brick wall as he examines his surroundings carefully.
**A thin man in dirty clothing would walk down the alleyway, rubbing the back of his hand as he glances around nervously, approaching Carlos.
Carlos Cruz "What d'you want, man?"
**The man would speak with a hesitant, quiet voice to him, answering with "I-I heard you can get me some heroin?"
**Carlos nods to the man, grinning slightly as he reaches into his pocket, shuffling things around until he pulls out a small plastic baggie with some substance that appears to be heroin.
**The man reaches into his pocket, pulling out a handful of tokens, looking down and starting to count them out "How..How much you want for it?"
Carlos Cruz "Naw man...First time's free. You like it, you come'n find me. Heh."
**He hands the man the bag of heroin and places his hand casually back into his pocket as the man would take the bag from him.
**The man discreetly shoves the heroin into his pocket and walks off down the alley, back the way he came. "Th-thanks.."
**Carlos would grin to the man and say "No problem." Before going back to his usual solemn attitude as he waits around in the alleyway for any other potential customers.
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Captain Snyder
Captain Snyder

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Drug dealer application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drug dealer application   Drug dealer application EmptySun Dec 07, 2014 11:29 am


A while ago somebody told me the story of this person who joined a server, asked for app format, and ended up d/cing due to having an ESP...

They also wanted a drug dealer.

Edit: I'm not +/-Supporting because I do not approve of drugs in roleplay except for basic ones, such as weed, tobacco, or anything along those lines. I also expect that as a drug dealer, you'll have creative names for your things.

"This shit's called Pineapple"
"Purple Kush"

Also, mind explaining how your supplier gets these drugs?

Edit #2: The reason why drugs shouldn't be heavily used in RP, is because they're hard to RP unless you've used them before. :/ That's why I approve of Tobacco, Weed, and Alcohol, but things like LSD, Heroine, Cocaine, are going to be much harder to RP then weed. Unless you've used them IRL.

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Drug dealer application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drug dealer application   Drug dealer application EmptyMon Dec 08, 2014 11:10 am

Well, since nobody else except Snyder posted on this, because in all honesty I think Snyder managed to nail every problem wrong with this application:

Drugs are just ... odd, I mean it makes no sense for someone wanting to sell drugs to get Tokens, a currency which is quite redundant as they only serve to be spent for personal items, such as food, furniture and equipment, like Backpacks, Bags and what-have you.

Back on GridHive we had an actual instance where there was a person who was cooking Meth and selling it to people in the slums (Which ironically would have helped the Union immensely) but it would make no sense for it to happen, since people in the slums would've been the first people to revolt and cause a riot to rise against the Union.
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Drug dealer application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drug dealer application   Drug dealer application EmptySat Dec 13, 2014 11:23 pm

As you have yet to reply on how your supplier gets the drugs into the city and everything, I come to believe that you no longer care about this application.

Also. The chances of an actual drug dealer are very slim. Actually growing the drugs, or even getting them in the first place could be considered near impossible. What possible safe places are there to grow drugs for an extended duration of time, and when that place gets raided by OTA, won't the supplier just begin supplying a new city instead. This means the drug dealing business would last for a week, tops, until it begins in a new city. And where would the supplier get the drugs from in the first place? You don't exactly just magically grow weed when you have a pot and dirt.
I don't really support this auth application. It just doesn't fit into the HL2RP universe, or HL2 itself. And there's too many unanswered questIons.
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Drug dealer application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drug dealer application   Drug dealer application Empty

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Drug dealer application
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