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 Niko's Metro Police Force Application

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PostSubject: Niko's Metro Police Force Application   Niko's Metro Police Force Application EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 7:10 pm

OOC Section

Steam name: Niko

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:16668186

How long have you been part of the community?

A week, approximately.

How long have you been playing HL2RP?
Several years (Approx. 5 years)

Have you ever been banned before?


What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit?
Being a Metro Police Force unit is something that pleases me. I've previously worked very hard on my own units, doing sometimes constant IC training on my own. This includes hand-to-hand combat and firearms combat. I want to experience all that again, which is what motivates me. What also motivates me, is the difference I might make. The current units, from what I've seen, aren't doing everything exactly as they should. By this, I refer to what a regular unit would do, according to the HL2 canon.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?

Yes, I have. I have owned 5-6 servers, co-owned 2, been superadmin countless times, admin around 7 times and operator up to 4 times.

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist?
I have a lot of experience with the MPF whitelist, my MPF characters being the ones I would play and develop the most.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit:
Male Posture | 5'7" | White Mask w/ Vocoder | Bullet-resistant Vest | Leather Boots | Black and Green Uniform | GRID 03 Armband on Right Arm | Utility Belt w/ Zipties & Stunbaton | Pistol Holster w/ USP Match | Slinged MP7 |

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:
(This example is made with a JUDGE EpU in mind, whose training has consisted of a lot of hand-to-hand combat)

/it A citizen runs across the street in front of the Nexus. The citizen pays no attention to the MPF unit standing by the Nexus entrance
/me runs towards the citizen, starting a small chase while yelling "Citizen! Stop right there." While running, the unit grabs the stunbaton attached to the utility belt, and flicks it on.
/it The citizen disobeys the units orders, and proceeds to run inside an alley between two residential buildings.
/me follows the citizen inside the alley, keeping the stunstick at the ready, as the unit turns the corner.
/it The unit is immediately met by a group of 4 citizens. Three of them hold close combat weapons such as a metal pipe, piece of wood and a hammer.
/me stops in her tracks, immediately talking into the radio inside her helmet; "Backup is required in the alley between the [residential building name] and [residential building name], citizens armed with melee weaponry." She proceeds to flick off her stunstick, then puts it back in her utility belt. She then goes for her 9mm USP Match pistol.
/it The unit is stopped in her action by citizen 2 swinging his metal pipe towards her head, going left from right.
/me attempts to avoid being hit by the metal pipe, by swaying backwards. As it succeeds, she proceeds to hold up her fists, preparing for the incoming battle.
/it As the metal pipe misses the unit, citizen 3 comes forward with his wooden plank. He attempts to strike the unit on the head, by lifting the plank and then slamming it down.
/me lifts up her arm towards the plank to block it off. Due to the arm guard underneath her uniform, she is capable of blocking the wood completely and only feel some pain from the attack. She lets out a grunt due to the hit, though proceeds to swing her other arm, hand clenched into a fist, from down to up towards the citizens stomach.
/it As the uppercut to citizen 2's stomach hits, he drops the wooden plank and falls to the ground. The units moderately augmented strength, combined with a weak body due to malnourishment, causes the citizen to drop down and hold his stomach in pain. Citizen 2 and 4 look towards citizen 3 on the ground, while citizen 1 keeps herself in the background, out of the battle. Citizen 2 and 4 both charge at once. Citizen 2 swings his metal pipe once again, from right to left towards the units head, while citizen 4 comes behind him, preparing to hit the unit with his hammer from above, much like how citizen 3 attacked with the wooden plank.
/me once again tries to dodge the incoming metal pipe, this time by moving forward while ducking. During the duck, the unit performs a 360 degree turn from left to right, and as the metal pipe is no longer above her head, she stands up, still doing the turn, and proceeds to hit her right elbow against the back of citizen 2's skull. She then lifts up her left arm, hitting it against citizen 4's lower arm, to block off his incoming attack. As it succeeds, she proceeds to clench her right fist, and hit it against citizen 4's rib cage, in an attempt to break a rib or two.
/it Citizen 2 drops his metal pipe, causing it to hit the wall on his left and make a loud noise. He proceeds to drop straight down, having gone unconscious due to the damage caused by the strength of the unit, and the guarded elbow. Citizen 4 also drops his weapon, grunting as the punch makes contact with his rib cage and causes 2 ribs to break, and proceeds to hold a hand onto his rib, as he almost falls, though manages to lean against the wall. He is completely vulnerable at this point, and unable to properly defend himself.
/me slowly walks towards citizen 4, who is currently leaning against the wall. His wincing is clearly heard, as the pain from his broken ribs continues to go on. She proceeds to raise her right fist once again, and swings it towards citizen 4's head. To avoid citizen 4 becoming completely damaged by smashing his head into the wall, she hits with her fist from the side.
/it Citizen 1 slowly backs further into the alley, eventually coming to a full stop as she reaches the wall. She places both hands against the wall, proceeding to beg the unit; "Please, don't! No! I have family in this city, please don't!"
/me slowly walks towards citizen 1, attempting to cause more fear to rise up in the citizen. She reaches for her utility belt, removing the stunbaton. She flicks on the stunbaton, and proceeds to raise it. "Anti-citizen," she says before swinging it straight at the citizen's head.
/it Few seconds later, the unit is heard speaking from the alley by citizen outside. "10-33 (Emergency) is code 4 (All clear). Need 3 additional units to help with 10-26 (Detaining Subject(s))"

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit:

Behaving appropriately as an MPF unit is important, as MPF units present the MPF. They are supposed to invoke fear, and not appear to be loving people, that just wish to help. After all, they protect civilized society, not citizens.
Behaving inappropriately can be considered fail RP, as some units' (to a degree) behaviour is forced upon them by brainwashing, augmentations, and the fear of their superiors.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?
It is not important for me, or anybody else to get recruited, especially not over somebody else.
However, I am know a lot about the MPF generally, and I am capable of somewhat improving it, when I managed to receive a high enough rank.
I am also able to provide an enjoyable and professional roleplaying experience.

IC Section:

Name: Lada Averin

CiD: 62758

Brief physical description: 5'8"|AppearsMidThirties|LightBrownHair|Well-GrommedEyesbrows|RegularBlueJumpsuit|

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs):
 Lada was born in Russia, 1979. Throughout her childhood, Lada looked up to her father, whom was in the military. He was, indeed, Lada's hero, and only parent. Lada's mother had died few weeks after Lada's birth, causing great distress in the family. Only Lada, her father, and her brother Marat were left, and with Lada's father often being away due to his army duties and high rank, Marat was the 'man of the house'. And this gave him some sort of power above his younger sister. Marat became very attached to this certain power above his younger sibling, to the point where he'd wish their father would go back to base, or even into war. And whenever their father was gone, Marat became downright cruel. He terrorised his younger sister, giving her impossible tasks, and hitting her whenever she'd fail, talk back, and sometimes even when she succeeded, as she 'didn't do it the right way'. Even when Lada was just 7 years old, Marat would terrorise her. But despite all of this, Lada managed to maintain herself through the years, and even maintain her school, and managed to become a rather bright kid.

 With all the beatings Lada would receive from Marat, she would often come to school covered in bruises. Sometimes for several days in a row. When her father came home, he always questioned both Lada and Marat about the bruises. Though Marat lied, telling him that kids in school were bullying Lada, that she ran into a wall, or fell on the ground. And their father would always believe the lies, as he trusted Marat. Their father always told the truth himself, and therefore believed his children would do the same, which means he knew nothing of the cruel truth. In 1996 when the 'Criminal Code of Russia' was adopted, Marat woke Lada up in her room. He nearly brought down the door as he kicked it open, and proceeded to yell that now Lada was considered a woman, and was therefore ready for reproduction. After yelling such, Lada's 24 year old brother jumped onto her in her bed. He forced off her underwear, and held both of her arms as he raped her. Few hours after she had been raped by her own brother, Lada left the house. She visited one of her friends, where she'd stay for a few weeks, until her father returned. Fortunately, Lada's brother failed to impregnate her. When her father finally returned, Lada went home. She met her father outside of the house, and had already decided to tell him the truth. As closed the door of his car, Lada immediately called him from behind one of the house walls. Her father came around the corner, out of view of any windows in the house, and she proceeded to tell him the truth, including how Marat raped her. Lada's father was astounded by the truth, though he tried to joke with it, saying she nearly gave him a heart attack. But when Lada insists it's true, her father says nothing. He just walks into the house. Lada stands outside, but can clearly hear the screams from her brother. Lada was afraid that her fighter might end up killing her brother, though she did not want to interrupt.

 Few years later, and Lada is along with her father in the military. Lada had completed her education entirely, and despite her many options for future professions, she joined the military. And with good recommendations, mainly from her father, Lada was quick to rise among ranks. Throughout her time in the army, Lada had, along with her father, participated in the War of Dagestan, in which the Russian Federation was victorious, though eventually started another war, which was the Second Chechen war, in which Lada did not participate. In 2005, Lada decided to leave the army. Back home, she had plans to start a small family with her boyfriend, Pavel. And in 2008, they were considered a happy family, consisting of 2 kids, and of course Pavel and Lada. But in 2008 was also the invasion of earth by the Combine Empire. Lada saw no reason to fight back - The Combine Empire had taken them by surprise, and they military strength was superior. So she surrendered without a fight, just as earth surrendered after 7 hours. Now, in 2016, after being transferred from city to city, Lada knew that there was no chance to return earth to its state before all this, and decided, due to the loss of her family, to continue being in the military - under the Combine.

Why do you want to join the MPF:
I wish to join the Metro Police Force to protect civilized society. I wish to keep the rebellion from gaining any form of ground on the Empire, and to see the rebellion removed entirely. I wish to help Our Benefactors to reaching their goal of building an inter-dimensional empire!
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PostSubject: Re: Niko's Metro Police Force Application   Niko's Metro Police Force Application EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 7:14 pm

Alright, looks like another great application, ask a super for your whitelist.
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Niko's Metro Police Force Application
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