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 Meeler's MPF Application

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PostSubject: Meeler's MPF Application   Meeler's MPF Application EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 7:04 pm

OOC Section
Steam name: Meeler
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:89626855
How long have you been part of the community?:
I have not been apart of the community for a LONG time, managing a good two to four hours into it. However, I can assure you that this will not affect my roleplaying ability in any way shape or form. If you so happen to need to deduct any points in supports or anything as such, then you may do so.

How long have you been playing HL2RP?:
I have been playing HL2RP for about a year and a half.

Have you ever been banned before?:
No, I have not been banned before.

What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit?:
What motivates me to become a MPF unit is the intriguing roleplay that I am always involved whenever I join as a unit in any kind of server. I like its different aspect and point of view from that unit, and I'd rather not be like any other citizen and sit around doing ALMOST nothing. However, I understand there ARE aspects of passive roleplay, I just happen to find the aspects of unit passive more intriguing, interesting, and fulfilling, rather than normal citizen passive.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server?:
Yes, I have had experience within staff in one HL2RP server, and another Serious Military Roleplay server. I have owned a Serious RP server once, but as any other, it was one that would pass on for a month and die later on, with barely a playerbase. So I wouldn't exactly count that as a real Serious RP server. It was pretty edgy anyways, and that was when I really was terrible at roleplay.

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist?:

Yes, I have past experience within having the MPF whitelist. I cannot provide you with much, because I have only been a MPF unit within the boundaries of a few servers. However, ever since then from the first time I became a unit, I can roleplay much better. The first time I became a unit was mainly because I donated, and boy, you should've seen how terrible of a roleplayer I was back then. From this point on, I've decided to refine and better my roleplay, and reflect myself from then and now.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit:
A MPF unit is a male or female who has volunteered to join along the fight with the Combine, otherwise known as the Universal Union as dubbed by themselves. Generally, a lot of citizens only volunteer to join for the benefits, such as the protection of their families, and other things, such as getting better nutrients in their food. Some, however, really do want to follow along the Universal Union's cause by actually getting themselves into physical danger with the opposing side. Units are usually disposed in different divisions, however, in some servers, they differ. I believe in this server, they are a lot different from what I pictured, or at least the division names. These divisions have special skills and sets of tasks they need to do, and differ from each one of them. Each one of these divisions depend on the other in order to make a great force.

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:
MPF-C45.GRID.05.23456 radios "<:: Unit is uhh...10-8, on duty. Reporting in and standing by in await for orders, over. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 radios "<:: Two-Three-Four. Report to the outer area of the Nexus, and get here immediately. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.05.23456 radios "<:: Copy that. Inbound. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.05.23456 turns his head down toward his utility belt, jolting his hand over toward the baton. He'd unclip the baton off from his utility belt, fiddling around with the rubber grip located around the bottom of the baton. In eventuality, he would fidget and play around with the rubber grip until he would realize that his thumb is near the dial for easy flicking whenever the time of need. He'd then soon shift around in a 180 degree angle from the tip of his angles, a commonly used technique by himself due to constant habit. Afterwards, he'd then begin running forward, turning his head down to face the ground as he would hear the awfully loud uniform making its terrible ambiance as he would run. The unit would continue to run until the point he exits the Nexus.
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 would turn around toward the entrance of the Nexus, tapping his right foot in await for the unit. He'd take a deep sigh, not expecting the unit to take as long as he did. He would finally roll his eyes as soon as the Oh-Five would exit the Nexus, turning back around from the tip of his heels.
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 says "<:: Took you long enough. We are going to gather some other units, and going out on a REAL patrol. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 radios "<:: I am currently requesting more units for response to the exit of the Nexus in order to go out and set off on a 'action-packed' patrol, we need two more units, over. ::>"

MPF-C45.GRID.02.03526 radios "<:: Copy that. Enroute to your location. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.05.16923 radios "<:: Inbound. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.02.03526 shifts his entire around toward the general area of the exit of the Nexus. He'd then afterwards shift his walking pace to a jogging pace, speeding his jog to a full-on sprint to get to the outside of the Nexus as soon as possible. Soon after exiting the Nexus, he'd straighten his posture, standing at attention, though, not saluting due to their current position of the outside.
MPF-C45.GRID.05.16923 would twitch a slight bit before turning around on the tip of his heels to immediately break out into a full-on sprint. Soon after exiting the Nexus, he would set his hands on his knees, taking a few deep breaths to catch up on his breathing. He would turn his head as he would see the Officer staring directly at his faceplate, and would then immediately straighten his posture, standing at attention along with the two other units. It would seem that at this point, the unit would still be out of breath, however, too embarrassed to take any other deep breaths due to the recent occurrence of events.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 glares at One-Six-Nine for a slight moment in slight anger, slowly turning his head over his shoulder to witness the area around him. Afterwards, he'd look down toward his utility belt, setting his hand on the baton as he would unclip it from his utility belt. He'd then nod his head.
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 says "<:: Form a column behind me. ::>"

MPF-C45.GRID.05.23456 would sidestep over toward the middle of the Officer, taking a few paces backward in order to make space for the Oh-Two unit to walk in front of him. He would stand completely still and idle, awaiting for further orders.
MPF-C45.GRID.02.03526 would follow after the Oh-Five unit, yet instead this time stepping in front of him.
MPF-C45.GRID.05.16923 would follow after the two other units, yet again doing the same process except stepping behind the two other units. His posture would be much more straightened, his heels separated from one another. It would seem as if this unit is quite new, and wants to get a good first impression on the Officer, though already ruining it from the recent turn of events.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 would walk forward along the sidewalk without giving any further order to the three other units, assuming that they would use their common sense and follow after him. He would scan the perimeter of the plaza, examining the area before continuing to walk forward, turning his head over his shoulder to look over at the units behind him every few minutes.
MPF-C45.GRID.02.03526 follows after the Officer, aiding him in also scanning the perimeter. He'd continue to walk forward with no care in the world, not giving two shits about the other two units that seem to be behind him. He would only care for himself, and only for himself.
MPF-C45.GRID.05.23456 would wait for a few moments for the Oh-Two to begin walking. He'd turn his head toward the side to look at the other side of the plaza, and after hearing a couple footsteps, he'd twitch a slight bit toward the side, then beginning to walk after the Oh-Two. After realization that he is quite behind, he would speed up his walking pace to a jog. He would take a deep gulp of spit down his throat as he would witness the Officer looking straight at him over his shoulder. He'd then from now on straighten his posture, pretending to look as if he did not do anything at all that looked like a mistake.
MPF-C45.GRID.05.16923 rolls his eyes from the interior of his mask, following after the other units in a slight jog, hiding behind the Oh-Five unit in order to blame all the situation and problem on him.

(/it) A few gunshots would ring around the area, it would appear that they would sound familiar of a Nine-Millimeter pistol.
(/it) A few more gunshots would ring more around the area, the familiarity of the Nine-Millimeter pistol becoming MP7 gunshots.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 says "<:: All units. Continue with caution, and check your entire perimeter of surroundings. It WILL save your life. And if you don't, down the incinerator you go. ::>"
(/it) The gunshots would continue to fire on, until a few moments would pass. It would appear that the ammunition being used by the weaponry would be completely dry.
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 radios "<:: All units, proceed with your normal duties and procedures with great caution. There may be heavy rebel activity, and there are no doubts about that. Keep aware of your surroundings greatly, and keep your alertness, you're going to all need it. We are going to investigate within the furthest boundaries we can reach, so also keep aware that you still have a radio implanted. We will report anything that will occur. ::>"
(/it) In eventuality, all of the units would peer their heads around the corner, to catch sight of about three to four anti-citizens, three armed with pistols, one with an SMG.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 would shift his head quietly toward the other units, pointing out his index finger over toward his mouth as a signal to be quiet. Afterwards, the unit would unsling his shotgun slowly out from his shoulder, fidgeting with it around to make sure it is tightly in his grip. He'd then also make sure that it is fully loaded, though, not being able to do much due to his current situation. He'd peer his head over the corner again, hearing the anti-citizens yell in excitement.
(/it) It is evident that the anti-citizens may have done something successful in an attempt to overthrow the Universal Union. Though, it is evident that they have not done much, but must have been an accomplishment to themselves. They would continue to roar in excitement, and yell in congratulations and party. Soon enough, one of them would realize a shotgun pointed over from the corner.
Anti-Citizen 1 says "GET TO COVER!"
(/it) Everyone of the anti-citizens would jump behind a dumpster, setting their backs on the dumpster. They'd release a magazine from their pistol, making sure it would be fully loaded, Afterwards, they would shove the magazine into their pistol, pulling back the bolt. However, the anti-citizen with the SMG would load similarly, but differently due to the style of his SMG. They would continue to sit down in cover until the moment would escalate, each one of them smiling at each other as a signal that they MAY succeed in such an attack.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 peers his head over the corner once again, examining the area. He'd make sure that the perimeter is clear, but he would still realize that there are anti-citizens that are hiding behind cover. He'd set his shotgun on the wall, firing one round as he would take a deep breath to the gunshot of the buckshot round.
Anti-Citizen 1 and 2 would lower their heads as a chain reaction to the buckshot round firing. They would keep their heads and bodies low as a sign of alertness that the rounds would only begin getting closer.
Anti-Citizen 1 peeks his head over from the dumpster, setting his left hand on the dumpster. He'd immediately fire the eighteen rounds that would be loaded in his pistol at the general area he would think the units would be at. However, after firing his entire magazine, he would realize that he made a terrible move, in complete shock after clicking the trigger and hearing that it would be completely dry out of bullets.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 would take his chance and would peer over the corner entirely, pulling the trigger of his shotgun. He would stare deeply toward the general area of where the rounds would land at, in hopes of injuring, or perhaps completely killing one of the anti-citizens.
Anti-Citizen 1 would be hit by multiple bullets fired in the area. He'd drop down on the ground, making a very loud sound, which would then reveal a very large area of where the anti-citizens would be. He would tightly grip the multiple bullet wounds surrounded around his body, fidgeting his head around for further assistance. He would then realize that this would be where he would die, and where his anti-citizen buddies would no longer assist and aide him in his survival. He'd let go of gripping his wound, setting his hands freely on the ground, closing his eyes. At this point, due to his multiple bullet wounds, he would quickly bleed out to his own demise.
Anti-Citizen 2 would stare at the deceased anti-citizen in complete shock, turning his head over toward the other anti-citizens across the street. He would shrug in hopes of getting a response and command back, but it would seem that the two other anti-citizens are also confused on what to do as well. He would cower in the corner of the dumpster, dumping his head into his legs, waiting for his own death by the units as well.

MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 would take a deep sigh, rolling his eyes from the inside of his mask. He'd mutter to himself, "<:: Thought this would've been more action-packed. But I'll just conclude this ASAP. ::>" Afterwards, he'd jolt his hand over toward his utility belt only to unclip his grenade. He'd toss the grenade over toward the area revealed to him by the sound of the deceased body, unclipping the pin before doing so. The unit would then signal his hands to walk over back toward the right as a signal to return back to their normal standards. He'd halt his process with a fist up into the air as an order to stop, hearing the explosion and slight screams before the explosion. He'd simply nod to himself, continuing to walk forward.
(/it) Both of the Oh-Five units would take a deep gulp of spit down their throats, twitching a slight bit as they would hear the screams of plea and injury before the explosion. From this point on, their movement would be slightly delayed. However, the Oh-Two unit would walk completely still, feeling little emotion for the three other anti-citizens. The unit would continue to walk forward without any delay or hesitation, continuing to follow after the Officer, who seems to be having no problem whatsoever.
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 says "<:: And thats how you deal with the lot of anti-citizens in one general area where they can't run away. You toss a grenade, and hope that the shrapnel gets to them and amputates them. I'm going to radio out the situation. You all may return to the Nexus. ::>"
MPF-C45.GRID.OfC.69345 radios "<:: Ignore the previous explosion and gunshot. Such methods were used in order to eliminate the anti-citizens. All other units on my patrol may now either be patrolling on their own in the plaza, or returning back to the Nexus. I will be one of the units returning back to the Nexus in order to write out a complementary report on the situation if any of you ever so happen want to read it and revise it for me before I return it to the Sectorial. ::>"

(/it) The day would continue on. There would be no imperfections or odds found in it, and soon the day would die, and become another, entire day.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit:
It is important that I behave appropriately in the role of an MPF unit because newer players, or even experienced players have to look up to you as a guide, ICly and OOCly. To be a MPF unit is to be a responsible and mature person, and be capable of handling and managing such a task.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants?:
I believe it is important that I get recruited over all of the other applicants because I feel that I put a lot of effort into this application. It took me a lot of revising and a lot of work in order to get the entire application done, especially with the effort I tried to put into the roleplaying example. I would think that I would make an essential unit in the force, and I believe I can make a great impact on how the roleplay is performed and delivered in the server.

IC Section:
Name: Ronald Wilbur
CiD: 61117
Brief physical description: 5'10, Caucasian, light black beard, small mustache, somewhat muscular build.

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs):
I was born into a general city family during the year of 1981. We never had any odds or anything against us, as we lived as comfortable family. Every one of us always strived to be very successful to the point where we would reach fame and fortune, but we really never got to that. Most of us were fine the way we were living. I was one of the few who wanted to actually move away from a comfortable life, and to move onto a future of fame and fortune. Though, that never did really come to me. At the age of five, I was imported into a small school at the grade of Kindergarten. I never really got along with the other children at the school. My life circle eventually changed when I was at the age of 11 and started middle school. Everything began changing, I began making new buddies, and making new enemies. It seemed the dawn of my social life had just begun.
In eventuality, I attempted to make myself famous and well-known within the boundaries of my middle school. By the time I hit eighth grade, I was pretty proud of myself then because I was actually well known. However, not as a good, gorgeous kid, but more of the nerdy, scrawny time. That was when I decided I should begin working out, and I did so during my high school years. Soon enough, my body built up as I began hitting the stage of puberty, and from then on I lived on another average, decent life, as any other person should live.
After finishing off college, the war and storms occurred. I had no idea whether what was going on, because I isolated myself into my house. I was trapped in a dark, dark, room for extended periods of time, until the point where my house was invaded and I was taken and deported to another city. Later on after this war, I was deported and relocated to many other cities, that would include 28, 21, 11, 18, and eventually to this day, 45.

Why do you want to join the MPF:
I wish to join the Metro-Police Force in order to sustain order and truth to the citizens of this wonderful city. Not only do I wish to help in order to benefit the Universal Union, but I wish to be a great rolemodel to the other citizens as a sign of propaganda that sparks in their mind that anybody can do anything to benefit for the good. I would also like to show to the citizens who accept such a sign that there are benefits about doing such, and how better treated you are if you do such things. I think that becoming a unit will show other citizens to be positive, and soon enough make the city completely peaceful with no conflict or issues whatsoever.
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Meeler's MPF Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Meeler's MPF Application   Meeler's MPF Application EmptyFri Dec 05, 2014 7:08 pm

Jesus Christ.

Alright. God damn.

Accepted Ask a super for your whitelist, I think 5ym5 is still in server.
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Meeler's MPF Application
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