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 kdc0nnvict's MPF applications

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PostSubject: kdc0nnvict's MPF applications   kdc0nnvict's MPF applications EmptyWed Dec 03, 2014 7:00 pm

OOC Section
Steam name: kdc0nnvict
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:34361209
How long have you been part of the community? Only a day

How long have you been playing HL2RP? About 8-9 months in total

Have you ever been banned before? No

What motivates you to want to become a MPF unit? I have been MPF on around 4-5 other server's but their rp isnt quit as serious as i was hoping for, and this seems to be a decently serious server. I rather enjoy getting roleplay from all aspects of the half life 2 universe and creating new characters with different traits and personality's. Being a combine unit takes determination and it is rather fun building a character that i can portray as a citizen who is determined to become something more and rises up becoming a MetroPolice Force unit putting his life on the line to protect the city and maintain peace and prosperity.

Have you ever had experience within staff or owned a serious RP server? Yes i am Co-Owner for Eclipse Gaming HL2Rp server and for Skybound HL2RP server. Skybound is closing down due to the owner having financial issues and Eclipse gaming dosent take the roleplay quiet as serious as i would like. So i am looking for a more serious roleplaying server to become a part of their community

Do you have any past experience with the MPF whitelist? Yes Plenty. I have been 05 all the way up to EPU units on several servers.

Give a detailed description of a MPF unit: ( MALE | 6'2 | Standard issue Light Kevlar | Standard issue MPF Padded Uniform | White Face Mask w/ Light Blue Visor | Deep Male Vo-Coder | Standard issue Utility Belt [STUNSTICK:HOLSTERED] [9MM Pistol:HOLSTERED] | Standered issue Black Combat Boot's | JURY 05 Armband | )

Give a detailed roleplay situation example showing how you would use a MPF unit:
Dispatch radio's in: <:: 10-103m, Disturbance by mentally unfit at UCH. Requesting support::>
CCA-MPF.Jury.05.2908<:: 10-4. Unit is.. uh.. Inbound to that 10-20.::>
/me would unholster his stunstick and begin to sprint to the UHC
/it On arrival you would notice a citizen on the third floor leaning out a broken window clearly drunk and trying to jump
/me would quickly burst through the front door's and proceed up the stairs to the apartment were the citizen is located and check to see if it was locked.
/it The door would be unlocked and slightly open
/me would holster his stunstick and unholster his 9mm pistol flicking the safty off before entering the room looking around before noticing the citizen at the window with a bottle in his hand
CCA-MPF.Jury.05.2908<:: Citizen!::>
/it The man would slowly turn around to face the unit
John<:: Get out of my apartment you piece of shit!::>
CCA-MPF.Jury.05.2908<:: Sir. Step away from the window. Lets talk about this.::>
/it the man would not budge but instead drop the bottle on the ground and reach behind his back pulling out a 9mm pistol and aiming it up at the unit
/it The man would fire a shot at the unit hitting him in arm and causing him to drop his gun
/me Would yell out in pain as he falls back "ARG...."Would use his other hand to reach up to his Helmet and quickly radio in "10-99... I have been hit... 10-20 UHC.. Third Floor.. Citizen has a gun!"
/it The man would fire a few more shots hitting the wall close to the Units helmet
/me would start to shake in fear for his life thinking this was the end
CCA-MPF.Jury.05.2908<:: S....sir please.. i... i just joined the MPF.. P.. please dont do this..
John<:: You took her from me!::>
/it the man would raise his gun up again shaking as he aims it at the units head
/me would cover his face with his good arm and brace for the impact of the bullet
/it An OverWatch Unit would sprint threw the door and aim his pulse rifle at the man firing multiple shots into the mans torso causing him to fall back and out the window
/it Screams would be heard from outside
CCA-OTA.Echo.2578<:: Suspect;; Amputated;; Status of Unit;; Minor injuries;;::>
/me would uncover his face looking up at the OTA unit shaking
CCA-MPF.Jury.05.2908<::T-thank you... I thought... i thought i was..::>
CCA-OTA.Echo.2578<:: Order's;; Report to medical bay;;::>
/it the OTA would walk out of the room
/me would slowly climb to his feet holding his right arm and bending down to pick up his pistol and holster it in his belt before looking around and walking out.

Explain why it’s very important that you behave appropriately in the role as an MPF unit: Units are to be role models to other citizen. A units job is to protect the civil life style and maintain order. They are the wall between Civil peace and order, And complete chaos. If you dont take it seriously as a unit others wont take it seriously and it will destroy the role playing experience for everyone.

Why is it important that you get recruited over all the other applicants? I want to bring a more serious roleplaying experience to this server from the Combine side of things.

IC Section:
Name: Kasey Conn
CiD: 02904
Brief physical description: | 5'7 | 127 pouds | White Male | American/ Texas Accent | Short brown hair | hazle blue eyes | Goatee | Blue Citizen Jumpsuit | White undershirt | Black Shoes | Scar on left eye |

Brief bio (Please keep it within three paragraphs): Kasey Conn was born in tulsa oklahoma, He grew up in sapulpa were he attended highschool. His grades were not the best because of his lack of focus. He spent most of his time messing with computers and playing games. When he reached the age of 24 he became fascinated with tech, And started building all kinds of weird robotic machines that did a number of things. He much preferred to be alone and work on his projects. He even created a mini robot called ZUES that was his LabPartner.

Once the combine invaded Kasey was afraid at first but fascinated with their technology. Never before have he witnessed such incredible power. After the war was over and the cities were established he was placed in city 45. He spends most of his days admiring the Combine and their tech, wishing more then anything to learn more about them. Once he heard they would be recruiting and learned of their GRID division he knew that was the place for him. All the technology he could ever hold to study. He threw on his glasses and cleanest jumpsuit and headed over to the CWU headquarters. On arrival he noticed a few other citizens that showed up were filling out application's. He grabbed a notepad and a pen and began to fill it out. Being nervous of making a mistake he took his time trying to give the best answers he could.

Once he completed the application he turned it in and waited for his name to be called. One by one he watched as the other citizens were called back into a room for questioning. It seemed that for every 3 that went in only 2 would come out. He was not sure what this would mean. When they finally called his name he stood up and walked back into the room. A very intimidating female unit walked in and told him to sit. She began to read over his application then proceeded to ask him several questions. Once he was done a Helix unit came in to give him a physical. Once all the test were done and the Helix stated he was fit for service, the female unit ordered him to go threw the back door and wait with the others for training. While in the large waiting room, he over heard the other citizen's talking about which division they were going for. Some were medically experienced and wanted to be a helix. Other's had kind of a harsh temper and talked about how cool the jury division was with interrogations. But he seemed to be the only one interested in becoming a GRID and working with tech. After several hours another unit walked in and congratulated them for becoming new recruits and told them they would begin training immediately.

Why do you want to join the MPF: To protect and maintain our civil way of life and to work with this amazing new technology in hopes of putting my passion to good use for the union and develop new tech. The anti-citizen threat grows stronger every day and threatens our civil way of life. I want to maintain balance and order in our utopia of a society that our benefactors were so gracious to give us.
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PostSubject: Re: kdc0nnvict's MPF applications   kdc0nnvict's MPF applications EmptyWed Dec 03, 2014 7:21 pm

I'll set you up real quick. Annoy a HC for training.
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kdc0nnvict's MPF applications
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